The Saiyan race is all but extinct. When the planet Vegeta was destroyed there was a very small colony of Saiyans that were unknown to Lord Frieza. These Saiyans continued the racial bloodline but unfortunately were never able to regrow their numbers. The tendency of Saiyans to fight amongst themselves and to look for battle wherever possible has kept their numbers low and the threat they posed under control.

Saiyans are still an endangered species and not many people know about them, let alone any specific details. Every now and then a strong warrior is seen rampaging through a star system or two who has an ape like tail and stories spread. But this is a rare thing indeed.

Saiyan Near-Death Rules

When a Saiyan has been knocked down to 10% or less of their hits but isn’t killed their body goes into hyper-evolution overdrive.

Game Terms
The Saiyan will experience a 1.5, 2, or 3 times jump in power level and power up characteristic. This is applied before any experience is applied from the fight/adventure.


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