Matano System

The Supay Shipyard has been destroyed

The Matano system is much like Earth’s solar system. It has a yellow giant sun, 8 major terrestrial bodies, and one habitable planet – Sesmose.

The Matano system is a crucial strategic point as it is home to the very large and productive Supay Shipyards which are located just above the dense mineral world of Supay. Materials, including unobtainium, are mined from the planets’ cold surface and brought to the shipyard for refinement and use in building Empire ships. This makes the shipyard very efficient and it is capable of building a few thousand fighters, nearly a dozen capital ships, and various freighters, cruisers, and destroyers in a year.

With this shipyard at their disposal the Empire can replenish their entire fleet in just a few years.

Matano System

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