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  • Master Roldi

    Not much is known about Master Roldi. What is known is that he was the most skilled fighter on his planet. Even this did not stop the Empire and he fled when his world was attacked so that he might return to free his people some day. This duty was …

  • Tagmatar Zeon

    [[Rebel Rank Structure | Tagmatar]] Zeon is an accomplished warrior and leader. He commands the respect and obedience of an entire Dontos, something not common in the resistance. Being a Dron he knows much about military ideals. He has light green skin …

  • Matar Lance

    [[Rebel Rank Structure | Matar]] Lance is a strategist. He has a knack for knowing just how to strike a target to produce the most damage and incur the least losses. His strategies make masterful use of feints and other deceptive techniques. It is no …

  • Brinn

    Brinn is a Naagin and a [[Rebel Rank Structure | Locho]] in [[:zeon | Tagmatar Zeon]]'s unit. He is in charge of a covert espionage and spy group which spends most of their time away from the main base and deep in enemy territory.

  • AnLocho Intrad

    Intrad has been assigned as the personal pilot for the heroes from [[Earth | Earth]]. He has so far been useful as their chauffeur, but not too much else. Although some would argue that is enough seeing as how they would be stuck without him.