Armor of Koloth the Destroyer

This jet black armor gleams purple when light hits it and is inscribed with various ancient, Mercurian runes of power.


Armor of Koloth the Destroyer

Step Increased Stats Amount of Increase Cost in Hits
1 Power level & Power up 1.5X 10%
2 P.L. & P.Up 2X 20%
3 P.L. & P.Up; Defense 2X; 1.25X 30%
4 P.L. & P.Up; Defense; Skills 2.5X; 1.5X; 1.5X 40%
5 P.L. & P.Up; Defense; Skills 3X; 2X; 2X 50%

This effect lasts for 1d6+1 rounds after being activated.


The Armor of Koloth the Destroyer is an ancient artifact worn by Koloth himself when he established his reign over much of the galaxy. It is made of an ultra rare material known as Quantonium. This material has the ability to absorb and even amplify energy – even Ki.

The material it is made out of is mighty in itself, granting the wearer more durability to both physical and energy attacks. But the special runes that are inscribed upon it do even more. Upon command and with the sacrifice of some of the wearer’s vital life force the armor enhances their abilities and power. With this ability the wearer can truly become a juggernaut, especially if their natural abilities are already considerable.

This power up can not be sustained indefinitely and it is wise for the warrior wearing this armor to end confrontations quickly.

The Mercurian known as Odin is the current owner of this artifact. It has recently been discovered that a further drawback of this armor is that it is cursed – the spirit of Koloth inhabits the armor and attempts to take control of the wearer’s body when the armor’s special powers are used.

Armor of Koloth the Destroyer

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