The Soldier of Light and Prince of the Saiyans



Zara is what most gamers would call a glass cannon. He is very elusive, and skilled in the use of power blasts and mental techniques, but falls short in physical strength and defense. Zara stands at 1.75 meters and seems somewhat scrawny; with a closer look you can see he has quite a small frame, but is in peak physical condition. He prefers light weight flowing clothes similar to the monks garb he grew up in. His bald head has turned into a mop of long jet black hair since he left the monastery. He carries few belongs with him, not much more than a simple belt pouch for carrying small items, money, and his incense or herbs.


Power Level – 9.19 M (S.S.22.97M)
Power Up – 1.2 M (S.S.3M)
Hits – 320 (S.S.800)
Defense – 320 (S.S.800)

Mental – 30
Physical – 30
Combat – 40
Move – 20

Fighting – 65 – S.S. 102
Evasion – 90 – S.S. 215
Weapon – 45 – S.S. 52
Power – 90 – S.S. 215
Body – 57 – S.S. 97
Mind – 57 – S.S. 97
Piloting – 40 – S.S. 55


Currently Training – ???

Current Power Control – 1800(S.S.4500)

Power Techniques

  • Super Saiyan form
  • Instant Karma(Unique)
  • Karma’s Judgement(Unique)
  • Ki Strikes(Unique)
    • Meditation Palm-strike(Unique)
  • Power Trance(Unique)
    • Advanced Power Trance
  • Area blast(AoE)
  • Rapid fire
  • Mid-air detonation
  • Blast intercept

Mind Techniques

  • Sense power
  • Read power
  • Hide power
    • Advanced hide power
  • Mental control
  • Telepathy


  • MEZ75360
  • Fine Phaelan Clothing and Jacket
  • Phaelan Herbs – 2 uses
  • Data Pad
  • Holo-Map

A Tale of Two Paths

Zara doesn’t remember much of his early childhood, in fact he doesn’t remember anything before he turned 5. His earliest memories are memories of uncontrollable anger and an urge to hurt the people around him. The people of his village thought him to be possessed by a demon or an evil spirit and soon became leery of the child. In an effort to save their son, his parents took him high into the mountains to consult the monks of the Dareen Monastery. When the parents finally finished the 3 day journey into the mountains they presented the boy to Master Prajna. He knew right away there was something different about the boy and asked them to stay and rest for a couple days as he studied the child. After spending the evening trying to uncover the evil spirit inside the boy Master Prajna knew he wasn’t possessed, but couldn’t figure out why he was so different. The Master then went into a deep meditation, where he stayed for many hours. When Prajna returned to the parents he spoke to them of the visions he received while in his trance.

“Every person has many paths that lie before them, the choices people make guide them through these paths.” He explained further. “Through my many years I have trained my minds eye to see these paths and where they lead.” The master stopped for a moment. “I know now why your son is unique. Most people have paths that resemble a spider’s web branching out in ever direction with a controlled chaos, but this boy has two very defined paths before him from this point in his journey.” He pauses again in thought.
“Please Master let us understand what this means.” The father interjects.
Prajna nods and picks up where he left off. “I have never seen such potential before in one person. If he follows the path he is on now it will only be potential for destruction, but if we can guide him down the other path he would be a rising of light in the world. This is why I must ask you to leave the boy with us and return to your home never to come here again.”
The two knew if they brought their son back to the village he would be killed, so they agreed to the monk’s terms to save their child’s life. They said their goodbyes and were never seen again.

Master Prajna spoke to the boy. “From now on you will be known as Zara, a rising of light.”

More to come soon


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