Master Roldi

A Yoda-esque master warrior


Master Roldi is a Bellanian – a small, grey skinned, and bald being standing just over three feet tall. He wears loose grey/brown robes and has pointed ears. His face is wrinkled slightly from age and he carries a walking staff. Strangely enough, he has no problem walking around even on the high gravity planet of Valkus where he was found.

Power Level – Unknown
Power Up – Unknown


Fighting Unknown
Evasion Unknown
Power Unknown
Mind Unknown
Body Unknown

Defense – Unknown
Hits – Unknown


Not much is known about Master Roldi. What is known is that he was the most skilled fighter on his planet. Even this did not stop the Empire and he fled when his world was attacked so that he might return to free his people some day. This duty was instead given to a group of young fighters in order to test them and their worthiness for his instruction.

Master Roldi

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