Jun Shigos Roei

Zeon's senior enlisted leader and advisor


Jun Shigos Roei

Power Level – 90,000


Jun Shigos Roei, or just Jun Shigos to most people, is the hard-ass of Zeon’s unit. He oversees the discipline, training, and readiness of the general troopers. He is a veteran warrior with 15+ years of space battles under his belt. His advice has been crucial to the success of Tagmatar Zeon. Jun Shigos Roei has seen two other commanders die during his 8 years fighting the Empire which may make sense of some of his actions and advice. He doesn’t intend to lose another commander on his watch.

Jun Shigos Roei is a tall, human looking man with a bald head and a scar across his left cheek. His strength is evident as his muscles bulge prominently through his uniform.

Jun Shigos Roei

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