Power Level – 70,000-80,000

Special Technique – Siren’s Call


A close friend of Conrad Gars. Hiding him from the Empire and others who wish him harm.

Prescyla is no stranger to danger and living so close to the Empire has made her wary. She almost always has a group of five fighters with her in case things happen to go south. Her and her comrades may not be the strongest in the galaxy, but they are no slouches either. And few can resist the Siren’s Call, making the threat she poses all the worse when your friends turn against you or you fail to lift a finger to defend yourself.

Prescyla is a Lindellian warrior thief and seductress. She runs a small thieves group of women. They find high value targets to seduce and then swindle them out of their money or goods. Prescyla’s lair is hidden behind the electronics store Error 389.


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