A hot-blooded Mercurian trying to find his purpose in life.


Power Level – 430,400
Power Up – 4,280
Hits – 400
Defense – 264

Mental – 21
Physical – 40
Combat – 31
Move – 14

Fighting – 78
Evasion – 82
Weapon – 36
Power – 56
Body – 56
Mind – 50

Current Power Control – 600

Fighting Techniques

  • Mercurian Might(Unique)
  • Focus Punch
  • Spear Kick

Power Techniques

  • Burning Destruction(Unique) – Orange power bursts from Odin’s hands as though a volcano were erupting
  • Area blast(AoE) – A blast that covers a controlled diameter
  • Mid-air detonation – Self explanatory
  • Focus Punch – Sacrificing awareness to what is happening around him he only focuses on his target allowing him to have greater accuracy and a much harder hit

Mind Techniques

  • Sense power
  • Read power
  • Hide power
  • Aggro
  • Mind Control


  • 50k ish mez
  • Data Pad
  • Ancient Mercurian Armor (+20 def)

Odin was born to the parents of two local traders on the planet Mercury. Mercurians are a quiet and humble people, though when they become upset their anger can be some of the most terrifying beings in the universe. Through his childhood people would make fun of Odin for almost anything they could find. This led Odin to become somewhat of an angry child. He began fighting at a young age. Fighting everyone that he could find that would react to his anger. He did not want to adhere to the normal trader life of the mercurians, he knew that he had to leave the planet in search of something greater. He needed some purpose in his life. He knew that he could not simply be happy harvesting the natural recourses and shipping them out to other planets. He wanted to see what was out there.He was mostly self trained, from a young age in the martial arts, learning from his experiences and many fights more losses than wins. Over time he learned how to channel his rage and hate into something useful, at least in a fight and developed his attack known as Mercurian Might an Orange glow surrounds his fists as he remembers every shred of anger, sadness, loss, pain, and suffering that he could growing up. He manipulates these emotions into Ki that channel through his body and ultimately give him his technique. Using his new found power at a young teen age it did not take long for him to start winning fights against those that used to have no problem beating him regularly.Through these fights he began to become merciless, not showing anyone any shred of kindness or remorse for the things he did. When he would fight he learned to love inflicting pain on his opponents. He soon became the best fighter on his entire planet. Most likely because of his anger and cold heartedness. No one wanted to risk becoming his next victim, in fact no one wanted anything to do with him he was outcasted worse than he ever had been before. When he was a little older probably close to twenty he decided to leave his planet. He knew there was something more out there, something that can change his life and maybe even give him some meaning. He left mercury without telling anyone, not even his family. He snuck onto a cargo ship headed out into space he had no idea where he was headed but he knew he would never come back. It turned out that his next stop was Earth. He sought out the most powerful fighters he could find and trained with them as much as possible not giving his body much time to rest, for well over a year. After almost two years of becoming faster and stronger, Odin was dead set on becoming the strongest fighter in existence. He then began to travel out of the rural area that he had arrived on. After a few months in West City he started to hear of a tournament, a gathering of the strongest fighters on the planet. He decided that the World Martial Arts championship would be the ultimate test of his skills while on earth. Little did he know that entering the tournament would be a turning point in his life. Something that would change who he was and even what he lived his life for.


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