The Saiyan Bladestorm!


Kaelden stands about 5 1/2 feet tall, broad muscular frame for someone of his height. He wears a standard resistance uniform. Few people recognize him as a saiyan right away, and even then its only because of his ape-like tail waving around. His raven black hair is now wildly hanging down to his knees. This Saiyan has a cross slash of scars right above his heart. Strapped to his back are two swords that lay horizontal to each other, one for practice and one sharp as a razor… combined with the skills of the saiyan it is a very deadly tool. Very recently he has become a super saiyan, in the midst of a fight with the emperor.

Mental: 20
Physical: 35
Combat: 40
Move: 25
Saiyan (Super Saiyan)
Power Level: 15,028,608 (37,571,520)
Power Up: 820,000 (2,050,000)

Hits: 350 (875)
Defense: 300 (750)

Fighting: 50 (65)
Evasion: 112 (220)
Weapon: 112 (220)
Power: 84 (160)
Body: 64 (107)
Mind: 50 (95)
Weapon Techniques:
Maelstrom Strike (Unique)
Feinting Image Strike (Unique)
Ki Infusion Strike (Unique)
Blade Flurry Stance (Unique)

Power Techniques:
Area Blast
Fiery Judgement
Control – 1700

Mind Techniques:
Hide Power
Sense Power
Read Power

Body Techniques:
Tail Immunity


The Calming of the Storm

Nine years of conflict, merciless brutal killing can do a lot on even the purest of minds when so young. Kaelden grew up knowing nothing of his families life, nothing of his race. When the lad had gotten old enough to stand his own ground and actually looked like he was going to stand a chance against a pirate in sparring they resorted to grabbing his tail and then beating the tar out of the paralyzed Saiyan. Years of torture and combat warped Kaelden’s mind and he became one of the more merciless pirates on the ship. It broke Elessa’s heart to see her son turned to this, her own nature and habits barely hanging in there though… so she knew her son’s pain.

Five years of watching her son kill and raid was enough, he even made a braid for every victim out of his hair. Her son had gone beyond sick and when everyone but him was off the ship docked one day she blew it up. Now her son couldn’t be influenced by these men anymore… now he could be free. Not quite… Kaelden’s anger flared! Every single life on that ship had become a friend, and his mother gone… he went on a rampage! The town they were in was soon rubble. The only thing that saved the village was a single swordsman, he swooped in cut Kaelden twice damn near ripping his heart from his chest and the Saiyan went down.

Kaelden woke up alone on a Cot in a barren room with few furnishings. He frantically got up and started looking for someone he recognized… something to clue him in to where he was. He definitely was on a planet and not a ship. The suns were bright in the sky. In all his search Kaelden only found a single balding man, this man appeared to be quite frail and in his 60’s. He was so kind and gentle it made Kaelden want to attack him… and he did. The man defended himself but only defended. “You fight with such anger in your heart. Release that anger, it can only lead to your downfall.” Kaelden fought on not saying a word. The fight went on for hours until after tiring the elder did fight back… a single punch to Kaeldens unhealed chest knocked the Saiyan clean out.

Kaelden awoke again this time surrounded by incense and the old man chanting. “I seen much in you son. Relax this can only help.” The next thing the boy knew he was racked with incredible pain. Every single person he killed came back to him like a ghost. Slashing and tearing at his very being. It drove Kaelden nearly mad. The torment continued for months until Master Kane was successfully able to break through to Kaelden’s mind and show him how to control it. “All can be forgiven son, it just takes time, dedication and action. Your heart is still very pure and your spirit as bright as I’ve seen.” Master Kane then proceeded to teach Kaelden all he knew.

For four long years Master Kane trained Kaelden. Trained his mind, body and spirit to be one. He had seen what this young warrior was capable of and what the race’s sheer power could accomplish if embraced and in the right individual. Kaelden picked up on the sword easiest of all; so easy it seemed as if it were an extension of his own arm. He refrained from using power blasts much but Master Kane insisted he keep his mind open to using them. “There is a time and place that all may be needed son. Our time is short, i must leave this place and so must you. I want you to travel to planet earth and compete in a tournament there. I have arranged for you to go by salvaging ship. You will pay your way through labor and muscle.” And with that Kaelden hasn’t seen his master since.

The next morning he woke with a polished new sword next to his cot and fresh clean uniform folded neatly under it. As soon as he dressed he heard a ship flying. “Hey down there, we’re hear to pick up Kaelden. Let me find a spot to land and come aboard lad.” Kaelden could only grin “No need” as he flew to the ship. He was greeted by everyone on the ship warmly. He took to this life again easily, though it did bring back memories. He learned much in the year with them. Much of the stars, the planets and the races of the galaxy. The year went by very fast, Kaelden always loved traveling the stars… flying through space.

Kaelden had arrived on earth. He felt excited, relieved even. But there was this huge shadow he couldn’t shake. He set off to the tournament grounds earning a few stares when he took off. It excited him to be on a new planet. A very beautiful new planet. Unfortunately he only had a few days to enjoy it before the tournament began. He grinned as he flew toward his destination… “I guess Master Kane always did say that it was in my blood to love a good fight”…

Views on other Characters:

Hitode – Brother in arms, Comrade. A walking tank. Complete goofball…
Odin – A dedicated fighter. The little brother of the group and the one person needing defended most.
Zara – Close friend, long lost cousin. Most trusted and respected ally. A true equal in power.
Intrad – Trusted pilot, no one better to get the group from point a to point b. Valued comrade.
Conrad – A genious’ mind in a crazy hillbilly.

Current Goal:

To protect the universe from evil Tyranny! To become as powerful as the Legendary earth defender Goku… To train to his limits and beyond, To reach the limits no other saiyan has.


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