Hitode The Bold

A wacky Namekkian built like a brick-house reinforced with unobtainium



Power Level – 60k
Power Up – 5.5k
Hits – 360
Defense – 273

Mental – 17
Physical – 32
Combat – 32
Move – 12

Fighting – 70
Evasion – 63
Weapon – 40
Power – 37
Body – 41
Mind – 30

Current Power Control – 400


Fighting Techniques

  • Sokehashendoken(Unique)
  • Dragon’s Sorrow(Unique)
  • Dragon’s Rage(Unique)

Power Techniques

  • Area blast(AoE)

Mind Techniques

  • Sense power
  • Read power
  • Hide power


  • MEZ – **
  • Data Pad


Hitode, and other namekians being upset because they don’t have meats

From a very proud small namekian village on the planet namek live a very prideful and goofy warrior named Hitode. Hitode was from the Dragon Clan, a clan that specialize in mystic abilities such as power blast and making things out of thin air. Hitode was never good at such things and got made fun of as a kid a lot. One night Hitode decided to travel the planet in search of a way to master the art of energy. During his travels he run into a warrior named Zarlock, who told the young and bold Hitode that he did not need worthless magic, but just the arms and legs the gods gave him to do combat. The young Hitode liked this warriors resolve and ask him to train him in the arts of battle. Zarlock admired the young namkians pride and boldness so he took Hitode under his wing as his apprentice. The two trained everyday and every night for years,focusing on increasing physical strength to take on even the strongest magic. one day during training Zarlock begin to slow down. His old age began to catch him.

“Hitode it’s about time for you learn the last attack I have left to show you.
It gathers all the rage and pride of any true warrior and unleashes it on the fool who dares to challenge you. It’s called the sekiha shendoken it’s the ultimate attack used only by the strongest, boldest warriors.”
With that the training had begin.
In a few short mouths The young warrior mastered the technique and become power hungry.
He challanged his master to a dual of pure combat only hand to hand. The old master was no match for the young Hitode’s Sekiha Shendoken and was defeated. The fight had taken it’s toll on the old man and he become very ill. Hitode was stricken with guilt causing him to vow to never fight again.
“Come here my young warrior” Said the dying Zarlock
“You must never give up fighting it’s our way of life.Suberbia mea Vitium”(pride is our only sin)
With that the old master was no more.
Hitode went back to his old village and bid his family farewell. He would travel the world and prove that you don’t need magic or energy blasts to be a great fighter. Dende, the guardien of Earth contacted Hitode and asked him to come to Earth for a special job.

Hitode The Bold

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