The Empire Saga

The Secret Weapon! Pt.3

It's c-c-cold! Who are these freaks?!

Strike Team Bold had successfully secured Conrad Gars and fled from Eletania-5. Their destination: the planet Thracia in the Tac system.

Conrad explained that there was a secret facility high in the mountains of the planet and that they were doing their nefarious research for the weapon there. On the trip there the group debated as to how they would take out the base and secure the weapon. Several plans were thought up but it wasn’t until Odin spoke up that everyone felt confident about their attack.

“Why don’t we drop out of the ship about 100 miles out and then fly in with our power hidden. Then when we get there we can blow up any communications relay we see. That way they can’t send for reinforcements.”

Everyone nodded in agreement that the plan sounded good.

Upon arrival to the planet the group sensed that there were only two strong powers they might have to worry about. They confidently exited the ship into the open air. The world they were on was magnificent and beautiful – a clear day showed snow covered mountains that rose up all around them and reflected the sunlight like little jewels were covering them. Unfortunately it was also deadly cold.

The group hurried to their destination as the cold bit at their flesh. Frostbite was quickly setting into any location that was exposed to the air. Strike Team Bold had to get out of the cold and soon.

Luckily it only took about a minute to arrive at the location. Without hesitation Zara located the communication antenna of the base and blasted it to smithereens along with a few guards who were on watch. Kaelden zipped to ground level and made short work of several other guards with his deadly blade.

Hitode wasted no time in getting out of the cold and broke down the door to the facility. Just then a strange ship flew low nearby, about a mile away. 3 powers dropped out of it, but from this distance only two figures could be seen. They headed straight at Zara and Odin who were floating in the air above the facility.

When they got close they stopped. The sight before our heroes was strange to say the least. There was a man who’s left side of his face looked mechanical and robotic. His right hand was also metal and he wore the uniform of an Empire Lieutenant. His power level was low, almost insignificant compared to our heroes.

On his shoulder was a little man dressed in a red fighting outfit. He hopped off and floated next to him showing he was maybe 2 feet tall at most. He had tan skin and black hair and looked thin and frail. His face was that of a child, but his demeanor said he meant business. He had a small power level, maybe 20,000 at most, and so Odin said with a bit of cockiness, “I’ll take the little guy.”

On the other side of the lieutenant was a humanoid who was now grotesquely mutated. His left half of his body was out of proportion with his right side and he had a sort of slime all over him. His left side of his face was larger and his left eye was a good three times as big and bestial looking. His left arm was a tentacle and his lower torso was completely alien – clawed and bestial feet, bumpy scales, and the start of a tail showed through the tattered remnants of an Empire Sergeant’s uniform. He seemed to be the most powerful of the group, just slightly more powerful than Odin.

“Give up now and we will make your death quick.” The cyborg spoke with authority and confidence. “I, Lieutenant Armis, will have my revenge!” At the mention of revenge the bestial sergeant snarled and roared in agreement.

Zara wasted no time speaking with these freaks. He let loose with two large blasts which encompassed the three of them and deftly moved back to make room between him and them. The blasts roiled around their powerful deflections, but Zara gave it no thought. He would wear them down easily. After all, only the mutant was of significant power level.

The little man in red grinned, “You’ll take me will you? Sounds fine to me!” and burst towards Odin. Odin prepared his defense and was ready for the little man when all of a sudden he became incredibly heavy – the gravity around him suddenly increased greatly! He wasn’t ready for the increase in gravity and was unable to dodge as the little man grabbed him by the shoulder and then took him straight to the ground. They landed heavily with a “thud” and the little guy spoke up, “Now you will know why they fear the name Krasni Karlic!”

Krasni had a death grip on Odin as he proceeded to launch a flurry of blows at him. Odin tried to dodge or deflect the attacks but they were just too fast and he wasn’t moving very easily in this increased gravity. Krasni was pummeling Odin senseless. Odin struck back as best he could, but the little guy was wily…and little! Even though he never withdrew his grip he was terribly hard to hit due to the increased gravity around them. Odin’s moves were sluggish at best, but he was able to connect with an upward kick to the little guys’ chin. Krasni almost lost his grip but held firm to his victim.

Kaelden saw an opportunity to strike and flew from below to attack the cyborg, Armis. He slashed twice and missed! How was this fighter with such a low power level able to evade Kaeldens’ attacks?! It would seem he had hidden depths to his power that were not clearly revealed.

Hitode thought to join the fight with the brutish mutant. He struck a solid blow but as he did there was a spray of slime from the mutated Sergeant. The slime burned into Hitode’s flesh like nothing he’d ever felt before… The slime was some sort of acidic secretion that acted as some sort of defense against attackers!

The mutant retaliated with a lash from his tentacle arm. Crack! The tentacle whipped out like lightning and struck Hitode in his arm. The attack did no damage at all and Hitode shrugged it off easily. But suddenly he felt a strange sensation. Some sort of parasite was digging into his flesh where the tentacle hit! Hitode felt his strength being sapped by the parasite just as another tentacle attack struck him in the neck. The second attack also left a parasite! Hitode’s strength was fading with each attack even though the strikes weren’t hurting him.

That’s when Armis joined the battle and attacked Kaelden and sent him flying. He followed up his strike with a strange attack indeed. His robotic eye lit up and a laser like energy beam shot out! it struck Kaelden but couldn’t burn past his deflection. Armis simply turned his head and the energy beam cut a swath wherever he looked, attacking Zara, Odin and Hitode as well.

Hitode then rethought his plan and went to help Odin with his problem. He flew in to attack Krasni from behind thinking that would give him an advantage. He didn’t know about the gravity field around him. At the last moment he was caught in the increased gravity and went face first into the snow! An embarrassing moment to say the least, but he recovered well by flipping up and attacking. He too was sluggish with his attack. Even so, it seemed his plan to attack from behind was sound as he struck home with a solid Sake-ha Shen-doken that sent Krasni Karlic flying – right into Odin. Odin and Krasni Karlic went tumbling right off the edge of the mountain…

Zara continued to blast away at the mutant, trying his best to help against the beast. Hitode rejoined the fight with the mutant as well in an effort to keep it away from the fragile Zara. Meanwhile Kaelden had has hands full with the cyborg Armis and Odin was struggling to fight for his life as he tumbled down the side of the mountain with Krasni Karlic who had regained his hold on Odin.

Things were looking like they could go either way and the group was hoping that the guards from inside wouldn’t join this difficult battle. That would turn the tides against them for sure. Luckily Hitode struck a solid blow against the brutish mutant, launching him in the air. Just as he and Zara had practiced and planned Zara sent a blast at the reeling enemy that ripped through his humanoid side. Upon seeing his comrade nearly incinerated Armis fled battle, catching the remains of the mutant before flying down the mountian.

Odin thought for a split second that maybe someone was coming to help him only to see the cyborg flying full speed at him. He gulped back his fear and determined to beat them all if he had to. He never got the chance as the cyborg grabbed the ailing Krasni and in a blink they all disappeared.

The fight was over but the mission was still on. Odin rejoined the group and they infiltrated the facility. As they made their way into the research lab they came across many dead bodies. It seems the scientists and workers here had all been killed. The group came to a room with a man pointing a weapon at the doorway. The group called out, “Give up now! You have no chance to win!”

Kaelden took a risk and rushed into the room. He slashed but caused only minor wounds. This guard was tougher than he thought! Odin went in to help as did Zara. A small fight broke out and, just as it seemed that they would take him down, a blast destroyed a nearby wall. Another guard peered through the rubble! Just then the guard that was almost dead threw the weapon to the other who then sped off!

Kaelden gave chase as did Odin. Zara stayed just long enough to turn the other guard to dust and then joined the pursuit. The chase was on! The guard fled as fast as he could and launched strange, crackling energy blasts from the weapon he had. Kaelden and Zara dodged a couple blasts, but a few hit Odin. The group was shocked to see that his deflection had no effect on these blasts! It was as if they used the deflection as a conduit to attack his body… A dangerous weapon indeed!

Zara saw that and knew he didn’t want to be hit by it at all and readied a blast to intercept the attack if it came to him. After another attack at Kaelden a blast came his way! “Hah!” he thought, “I won’t be so easy to hit!” and he launched an intercept blast. But when the intercept blast connected with the weapons’ energy attack something strange happened…It absorbed his blast and grew in size! Zara dodged the attack by only a hair. And a good thing he did as it seemed that attack would have sent him to the next dimension for sure!

Suddenly the guard stopped. He turned around, crushed the weapon in his hands and then vaporized it with an energy attack. “I give up.” he announced.

What to do with this man now? Interrogate him! Zara used his mind control on him to have him answer questions truthfully, but the man seemed terribly strong willed. Zara wasn’t sure if it was working or not. Suddenly the man yelled out, “You’ll never get the information you desire!” and killed himself with a power blast to the face.

The group was stunned by this display of fierce loyalty! These guards must have been hand picked for their devotion to the Emperor and his cause. The group went back and searched the facility, but to no avail. There were no clues and no information as to the design of the weapon. All the prisoners and faculty were killed and all the data destroyed. But at least the Empire no longer had such a fierce weapon!

Hitode called for Intrad to pick them up and soon they were back on their way. Once back at the resistance base they debriefed with Tagmatar Zeon and introduced Conrad. They were congratulated on a job well done and then told some interesting news – they were to be relocated to the main Resistance unit for special duty. It seems their actions have gained the attention of many of Tagmatar Zeons’ superiors.

What lay in store for the heroes? Who were those strange assassins? And where did the Empire get the technology for such a powerful and unique weapon?

Find out next time!


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