The Empire Saga

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2

The Mutt Slums: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

Our heroes had arrived in the Mutt slums and bought clothes to blend in. They were tasked to find Conrad Gars somewhere in this dump, but where to begin? Luckily the spy report they had been given had some possible clues about where to look. And even a map to help them find their way.

The first stop was to a little electronics shop: Error 389. The shop specialized in selling spare parts of all sorts of electronics. From circuit boards, to display devices, to energy transformers and more. This was a tinkerer’s dream store! Surely Conrad might come in here.

The shopkeep wasn’t very helpful. Identifying himself as RX-9, the sales droid was fairly blunt and straightforward with his answers.

“Do you know anyone named Prescyla?” asked the group.
“Negative. I do not know the names of my patrons. That information is not required.” came the curt reply.

After a bit more of that sort of answer the group gave up their quest at this location.

Next stop was a local bar and black market connection spot called ‘The Gut Wrench’. Black market, huh? Surely there would be some information here!

Unfortunately the proprietor didn’t know of any Prescyla and the other patrons were short with their replies. Zara noticed two small groups of well dressed men making some sort of exchange and then leaving the bar. When Kaelden went to ask them if they knew anything, they rudely brushed him aside. Who were these guys, and just who did they think they were? But there was no time for that. The group wasn’t here to get into random bar brawls, and the fight would cause too much destruction and bring too much attention.

On to the next stop. It was getting about evening and the next location on their list was ‘The Prosperous Gent’, an upscale casino right in the Mutt slums. The group entered the establishment and, luckily, were dressed for the locale. There were plenty of people wearing fine clothes and throwing around lots of money in this place.

Zara decided to do a bit of gambling while the others spread out to ask some questions of the patrons. He eyed a card game that looked fun, but the table was unfortunately full. There was a man at the other end of the table with a woman on both arms. He wore a dark suit and had black hair that went almost to his shoulders.

He spoke up, “Would you like to play?”
“Oh, I was just watching to learn it a bit. Besides, your table is full.” replied Zara.
“No worries…” he said and nodded to a man sitting nearest Zara. The man got up and left with his money… “Looks like a spot opened up. Please, have a seat.”

Zara felt he was very strong, about 5 times stronger than he was. And all of a sudden he was a bit baffled and relieved at the same time as Lord Frost’s power level was no longer detected. In either case Zara felt it was prudent to accept the man’s offer.

The rest of the group had also noticed this phenomenon by now, but the strong power they were able to sense right in the club worried a couple of them. They were getting nowhere it seemed with their questions so some of the group tried their hand at gambling. Some did OK, some lost a bit, and Zara started to win fairly well at the card table.

A few hours passed and through the course of natural conversation Zara found out that the man he was sitting across from was named Sonelan. He recognized the name from when the datapad told them the info about this location. Sonelan was the owner of the establishment…

Zara smoothly let drop some hints about what they were doing and Sonelan got up and invited Zara to join him. He and his two companions led Zara to an in-house club where they sat at a VIP table with translucent black curtains all around it. Shortly thereafter a confused looking Odin, Kaelden, and Hitode showed up each escorted by a bouncer separately.

“Ummm, what’s going on Zara?” asked Odin, cautiously eying the man with the massive power level sitting near them.
“Yeah. What’s this all about?” prodded Hitode.
“Guys, this is Sonelan, the owner of this place.”
“Oh, very nice to meet you. This is a sweet place you have here.” came Hitode’s quick reply.
Sonelan gestured to some seats… “Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves. Please, have a seat.”
Hitode nodded in agreement, “Oh, very much so.”
“Well your friend Zara here has told me you are looking for someone. A Conrad Gars who is being hidden in the city by Prescyla herself.”
A little stunned, Kaelden spoke up, “You know her?”
“More like I know ‘of’ her.” Sonelan motioned to one of his girls to get him a drink. “I try to steer clear of her and her ilk. She is a thief of the highest caliber.”
Odin chimed in, “Can you help us find her?”
“Yes, I do believe I can.”

The group was clearly happy with this news. They were finally making some headway!

Sonelan continued, “But I would ask a favor of you in return.”
“Ummm, I guess. Sure. What do you need?” asked Zara.

“There is a shipment of high-tech weapons which have been confiscated and locked up at the local law enforcement’s station in their basement evidence room. I happen to know that tomorrow night a local criminal gang is going to assault the station in an attempt to retrieve the weapons. I want you to make sure they don’t succeed in this task. And I’d also like you to destroy the weapons so that they can’t be used by anyone else either. Easy enough for you guys I’m sure.”

Odin was a bit confused, “But you’re so powerful, why don’t you just do it yourself?”
Zara interjected before an answer could be made, “Don’t you see? He’s a distinguished member of society. He doesn’t want his name attached to this at all. It might ruin his reputation.”

After a bit more of the details were talked about the group agreed and left the establishment. They were to return after their job was complete.

A night and a day passed. It was a longer wait than the group anticipated given the planets’ 33 hour day cycle. But as midnight approached the group got into position near the station. And right about the appointed time came the attack!

Several vehicles, all full with brutish thugs armed with various high-tech firearms sped to the rear of the station. They opened fire on the officers with a volley of gunfire and missiles. After the first missile blew a hole into the rear wall Kaelden saw fit to start his intervention. He started by picking up the missile truck and throwing it onto another truck nearby!

The thugs were now in a state of disarray and opened fire on the new threat. Kaelden was surprised when he took a significant amount of damage from these weapons and fled to the sky. Since the fight was in full swing, Zara took the opportunity to go after the weapons in the evidence room. He crashed right through the front entrance and was about to blast the large metal security door when Kaelden joined him by charging right through it! They leapfrogged through the station to the basement and in a blink they stole the three crates that held the weapons.

After a quick journey to the ship to drop off the crates they were rejoining the fight. There wasn’t much fight left though as Hitode and Odin were making short work of the thugs. Hitode was simply too strong for the thugs to hurt him and his new “Dragon’s Rage” attack sent the thugs flying in all directions. Before long the fight was over and the group sped off to Sonelan’s place.

Sonelan made the group wait till very late in the evening and then met them in his office. He was very happy to hear of their success and talked to them for a small bit before sending them off so he could handle other matters. On their way out the group saw the three men from ‘The Gut Wrench’ that had been rather rude to them. The lead man was carrying the same briefcase he had previously gotten there. What was their connection with Sonelan?

The group decided it was best to let that go and proceed on their mission. The data that Sonelan gave them led them back to Error 389. It seemed there was a hidden black brick in the back of the west wall on the outside of the shop that opened up a secret underground entrance. Zara was quick to find the brick and open the doors.

The group entered the secret lair cautiously and was surprised to see a brothel. Scantily clad and beautiful women were all around. Some tended to men already, some started to seduce some of the group. After asking to see Prescyla the group was again made to wait. The wait was short though and they soon found themselves in Prescyla’s office. It was a moderately dim room with nice decorations and very little furnishings. There was a long lounge couch which Prescyla laid across and pillows on the floor to sit on.

The group was straight to the point: Where was Conrad?! Prescyla got up, very sultry like and looking exotic. Her moves were hypnotizing, her smell so alluring, her gaze was paralyzing… Everyone but Hitode was taken with her and transfixed on her every move and every word.

“And why do you want to see him?” purred Prescyla.
“Because he has information we need…” replied several members of the group.
Hitode started getting nervous at his friends’ odd behavior… “Ummm, guys? Guys!”

Prescyla continued her hypnotic swaying and way of speaking, questioning the group more about their intentions. It wasn’t long before Odin and Kaelden were completely entranced by her. But Hitode was completely immune to her charms which intrigued her, so she moved to him…

“And how come you are still so nervous? Don’t you like me?” She purred into his ear.
Hitode tensed up and looked down at the woman, “Sorry, but I ain’t got no meats. I don’t much care for women. What are you doing to my friends?”
Prescyla was a bit shocked herself but quickly regained her composure, “Awwww, you poor thing! That sounds so terrible to not know the pleasure a woman can bring…”
Hitode just shrugged, “Yeah, it sucks a bit. But then again, I don’t really know for sure. What are you doing to my friends? Stop it.”
“Me? I’m doing nothing. Your friends are simply enjoying themselves…”

Just then a few more women, obviously warriors, came out of secret doors in the office and surrounded the group. Their power levels were nothing to scoff at and, combined with Prescyla’s power level and strange tricks, this was turning into a bad situation real fast.

Suddenly Zara snapped out of his trance. Shaking his head he spoke up, “What tricks are you playing? Release our friends and tell us where Conrad is!”

Prescyla had Odin and Kaelden move to protect her. Their faces and demeanor showed they would do so with their lives. “Conrad is safe. That is all you need to know.”

“We are with the resistance. We are fighting to stop the Empire and Conrad has information we need to stop them from building some weapon.” Zara spoke with enthusiasm and truth.

Prescyla relaxed her posture a bit and spoke to no one in particular, “What do you think Conrad?”
All of a sudden a man came out of another secret door dressed like a spacer and holding a strange firearm. He spoke with a twangy accent, “I think we should hear them out and maybe help them.”

“It’s your call Conrad.” Prescyla went to him and everyone in the room relaxed a bit.

After a short conversation later Prescyla and Conrad Gars vowed to help them and the Resistance. Conrad would go with them to help them find the weapon and Prescyla would stay in Arcturus Prime as a spy agent. Conrad also told them about the weapon they were to find. It supposedly attacked a person’s Chi. This was significant in that, the more Chi you had, the more damage it would do to you. And nothing short of personal endurance could stop the weapon from killing you.

The group got some rest, and some of them got some “play time”, and when they woke they were on their way.

Just as they exited the secret entrance they were confronted by a group of four Empire soldiers. “Halt!” they said. “You will hand over Conrad and surrender. Or you will die.”

The group gave their answer… “Never!” and prepared for battle.

The fight was fierce. These soldiers seemed to have been picked as near perfect matches for the members of Strike Team Bold. The Lieutenant was a master swordsman like Kaelden but wielded two ninja-to’s. The Master Sergeant was a giant bruiser – as strong as Hitode and maybe tougher. The Ensign was an agile blaster like Zara and had plenty of power to throw around. Finally, the Staff Sergeant was a martial artist like Odin.

Zara used mind control to make the Master Sergeant leave the area for a while and everyone else paired off. Things were looking difficult until Kaelden broke off to help Odin. In two quick strikes and a well placed blast he vaporized the Staff Sergeant! The group then took out the Swordsman and started to focus fire the agile Ensign.

The Ensign fell to another of Kaelden’s blasts just as the Master Sergeant came back. He looked angry to say the least… He rushed in and tore through several of Kaeldens’ multi-forms as the rest of the group tried in vain to hurt him. Even Hitode’s attacks failed to put a dent into the brute’s defenses. Finally one of Zara’s blasts got through his deflection! It struck home and he went rocketing to the ground. Surprisingly he got up and dusted himself off. He was clearly injured but nowhere near dead!

Kaelden knew it was now or never and launched a final blast to end the brute. With the fight over and the surrounding area totally destroyed the group grabbed Conrad and sped towards the ship. Intrad already had the ship ready and they took off immediately.

With their new comrade on board and their destination charted they took off to recover this secret weapon. What would they find on this barren world they were headed for? What would this weapon look like? And what resistance would they meet at the research station?

Find out next time!


We gotta stop those long sessions. You guys get too much done and the recap is crazy long. Takes me more than half an hour to write!

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2

The long sessions are awesome though! It takes us a while to get in the groove and if we meet up at 4 then we only typically get like 2-3 hours of good play time in. Long sessions are awesome once in a while!

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2

Agreed. :-)

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2

By the way, nice Star Wars reference in the title.

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2
lordjuetten lordjuetten

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