The Empire Saga

The Secret Weapon! Pt.1

Find Conrad Gars!

The battle on Sesmose had been won. All that was left was for the heroes to pick through the rubble to see if they can find anything of use or value. They found little, since much of the base was destroyed, though they did find some Mez.

It was an easy trip back to the Resistance base where the group took a load off and got some rest. By the next morning the rest of the force had returned and there was a sort of excitement in the air. The Empire had been dealt a harsh blow, hopefully the first of many. The group was greeted with warm smiles and words of congratulations at every turn for a job well done. Rumors had already started about how the group destroyed the support base in less than a minute.

It turned out that the resistance needed to focus on recruitment and training at the moment and so there were no other missions planned for some time. Plus that would give some time for the Empire to come down from the high alert status that they were likely to be at now. And so the heroes trained.

Kaelden trained on learning a new signature move – a power blast to destroy his foes. Odin continued his quest to perfect a fighting technique to make him more accurate. Hitode extended his arms out and goofed off in the corner. Zara continued his quest to learn a super secret technique Master Roldi knew.

After a few weeks some of the group had shown progress. Kaelden had perfected his signature blast “Fiery Judgement” to burn his foes to cinders. It turns out that Hitode wasn’t just goofing off in the corner. He had created a strange move that capitalized on his unique Namekkian abilities and his great strength. He would clap his hands together with the force of thunder and in doing so was able to temporarily daze his opponents. His first use of it was on Kaelden and even the mighty Saiyan was taken aback by the sheer power this move might posess.

Odin and Zara continued to work on their much more difficult and exacting techniques. Both showed great focus as they worked their forms and sparred with the group. It wasn’t long after that Zara, after many months of trying to perfect his new ability, finally made it work. He could now use his power in any way he chose without registering an increase in his power output. He could effectively keep his power level suppressed and hidden all the time…or at least most of the time. It would seem the technique needs a bit more mastering.

Odin continued work on his technique as Kaelden tried to train himself to resist the weakness induced by his tail being grabbed. Meanwhile Hitode was nowhere to be seen and Zara was off by himself smelling his special incense. What was that loud pounding noise anyways?

Matar Lance paid the group a visit during dinner one night and gave them all payment of 1000 Mez each for their work so far. He also talked to them a bit about the Emperor and his senior officers. The group was very inquisitive and hungry for information and Matar Lance filled in some of the gaps for them. He suggested they try to do some research at a data terminal if they wished to know more about any number of subjects.

Zara needed some more herbs for his incense so he decided to go back to Phael to get some more and to see how the Phaelans were doing. He was greeted very warmly and the capitol system was abuzz with activity – a total 180 from their last visit. It seemed that the Phaelans were rebuilding quickly and with much cheer. Zara was able to procure some of his special herbs for a reasonable price and went to visit the tailor he saw last time he was in town. The tailor gave him a new topcoat for free claiming that it was no problem considering the many sales he has had selling the “clothes of the savior”. Zara quickly returned to base with nothing but good news in tow.

Two months passed and the heroes were called to Tagmatar Zeon’s office…

“The Empire has been working on a secret weapon on some remote, frozen world. We need you to retrieve the schematics and, if possible, the weapon itself. You are to link up with Brinn’s spy company and get the information they have. They will let you know your next step.”

And with that the heroes were off again. They gathered their supplies and head off to meet up with their spy contact.

At the appointed place and time, in a large field on a world on the outer edges of the Gemini Sigma Star Cluster, their spy contact met them. He was a paranoid and shady fellow with a low power level. Probably just the right qualities for a good spy. He handed them a data disc and told them that they would need to find an out of work electrical engineer named Conrad Gars. He was supposed to have been picked up by a recovery team but something went wrong and the entire team wound up dead. Conrad went underground shortly afterwards. He is supposedly hiding with an old friend of his named Prescyla.

When Intrad took a look at the data disc he groaned loudly.

“Ahhh crap. This file here says that the guy you’re looking for is hiding out on Eletania-5 in Arcturus Prime. Thankfully he also gave us some corosponder codes to get us through security, but I don’t relish going to the capitol city of the Empire…”

The group was stunned. They had just learned about the capitol from Matar Lance and that Lord Frost, the second most powerful member of the Empire, was there. The group swallowed their fear and resolved to follow through with their mission.

Upon arrival to the planet the group all hid their powers and sensed power levels, except Hitode who didn’t care to do so. What Kaelden, Odin, and Zara felt was nothing short of horrifying! There was a power at the center of the city, not really all that far from where they were, that was at least 20 times the power of Zara and Kaelden!

“Uhhh, can we just go home now?” asked Odin, clearly afraid.
“No. We came here for a reason and we have a job to do.” came Zara’s curt reply.
“Well as long as I don’t have to go anywhere near that power…”

The group gathered their senses and looked for some clothes shops to get some clothes to blend in. Interestingly enough they already did kind of blend in while wearing their original clothes… But Odin, Kaelden, and Hitode wanted to look their best. They all got suits and dress clothes so that they looked well off. Most surprisingly was that their styles all suit them just right.

The group then looked at their data module and began plans to check out the locations of interest that the spy report noted for them.

What will they do next? Will they encounter any of the several strong powers they’ve sensed on this world? How and where will they even find this Conrad Gars they are looking for?

Find out next time!


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