The Empire Saga

The Prototype Fighter

Where did it go?

Our heroes have succeeded. The secret weapon for the Empire is no longer a threat. As a reward for their faithful and courageous service they have been requested to work for the main unit of the resistance. What sorts of missions would they be doing there?

Upon arrival to the base on Antibaar-3 in the Hoc system the heroes are stunned to sense many massive powers. It would seem that the resistance does indeed have many powerful members – and they are all located here!

Strike Team Bold was greeted by a powerful Nomed and a slightly less powerful Losian. The Nomed introduced himself as Taxiarchos Kerill and the Losian as his executive officer, Tagmatar Rosaria. Strike Team Bold was to take their orders from either of them, but no one else.

After being shown around the base by Tagmatar Rosaria the team settled in and got a couple days of rest. It wasn’t long before they were summoned by Taxiarchos Kerill to head out on a mission. They were to assist in escorting a prototype fighter ship back to this base from a secret development location on planet Chasca of the Almacrux system, just on the edge of the Deem nebula.

So off they went. 7 days later they arrived to find the base had been destroyed. Upon further investigation of the scene they found the fighter had been taken and the other escorts killed as well. There had been a fierce battle here and bodies were strewn about the battlefield. Zara recognized one of the bodies as that of someone they saw back in Arcturus Prime. It was the rude thug who they saw at the bar and also heading in to see Sonelan.

With that as their only lead the group took off for Arcturus Prime. No one was particularly happy about revisiting this place so soon after their last misadventures. But they had to find that fighter. They tried to visit their “friend” Sonelan, but he put them off for two days. So instead they started looking for Prescyla. Perhaps she could help.

They went to her previous secret base, but she wasn’t there and the place was destroyed. They tried to sense for her power but it was shielded somehow. They tracked it to a building but couldn’t get a lock on it. In their efforts to find Prescyla the group drew the attention of the police and fled the scene.

Later that night they were approached by a woman who gave them info that Prescyla would meet them. They went to a specified location at the specified time and were picked up in a special limo type vehicle that was shielded so power could not be sensed within. Prescyla greeted the group with only a few pleasantries before she cautioned them – they had brought trouble to this area and people were on alert. She had to be careful and that’s why she didn’t come to see them earlier.

After hearing of their plight she told them that she had heard something about Treagir of the Dregir crime syndicate talking about something like that. She told them to go talk to him at his club Illusions.

Illusions turned out to be an exotic alien strip bar and escort lounge. After gaining an audience with Treagir the group asked for his help. He said he’d look into it and that they should come back tomorrow. Upon their return they were given a choice: to get the information they would have to give him the schematics also. They agreed to his terms. But to hold these resistance members to their word he asked that they leave the “squirrely” one, Odin, with him as collateral.

Odin agreed that he would stay, but he told them that they better not try anything funny or he’d make sure they regretted it. The group was given their information and left. Odin was escorted out to a hotel across the street to wait…

Kaelden, Hitode, and Zara took off to the Antida asteroid belt to recover the fighter from one of Sonelans’ secret bases. No wonder he wouldn’t see them or help them. He had taken the fighter in the first place! The group wasn’t sure what they could do against a man like Sonelan – he was very powerful after all. Not only that but the group learned he was second in command of the Armeni crime syndicate!

Upon reaching the Antida asteroid base the group put on space suits and exited through the airlock. They reached a porthole in the base and Zara used the knowledge he’s gained through study of the galactic technology to hack the controls and open the hatch. Once inside Zara again hacked the computer to download a schematic for the asteroid base onto his datapad. With that they were able to find where the Zephyr prototype fighter was located.

They zipped through the halls of the space station, moving too fast for the average worker or security guard to see. But on occasion one of them would be spotted and a small fight would ensue. Eventually the alarm was sounded. Perhaps a body was found by a passerby…

The three members of Strike Team Bold finally made it to the hanger doors. Zara used his skills to open the doors and the group was greeted by a band of enemies shooting at them. Their high-tech weaponry was enough to damage even Hitode! But through the proper application of force, namely two specifically aimed blasts from Zara, the enemy fighters were almost completely wiped out. Kaelden and Hitode mopped up the leftovers.

And there was the Zephyr! They needed to open the hangar doors to get the Zephyr out, but there weren’t any controls in here. Kaelden spotted what looked like a control room above and decided to check it out. Once in there Zara helped him to figure out how to open the door. Zara then guided Intrad in while he examined the computer equipment that was hooked up to the Zephyr.

While in the control room Kaelden noticed that one of the information servers looked out of place. It seemed to look like the ones that were mostly destroyed back on the Zephyr base that had been destroyed. He decided that it would be a good idea to take it with them so he picked it up and headed out the window to group up with the others.

During all of this Hitode had gone back to where they entered into the base to retrieve their space suits. He got a little lost and ended up getting into a fight, but that didn’t last too long. He finally made his way back to the other guys just after they had fought off another group of guards that had assaulted into the hangar bay. Kaelden had used the Silver Pony’s guns to make quick work of them though.

With the information downloaded from the computers and the Zephyr in hand the group took off. Intrad flew the new fighter and Zara flew the Silver Pony. Intrad took off for the resistance base while the others went to get Odin back.

Once back in Treagir’s office the group handed over some altered plans for the Zephyr. Then they were taken out into the street to meet up with Odin. Once they were reunited they were attacked from above! Men on the roofs armed with guns and strange pulse launchers bombarded them from all sides! Hitode took a direct hit and went flying through several buildings and across two blocks!

Zara, Odin, and Kaelden went to work taking out the trash until Hitode recovered and made his way back. Once they were done with that the group went into the club Illusions to find the double crossing Treagir. They didn’t find him or sense his power at all. After searching the place Zara found a secret door that led down into the sewer system.

The sewers were shielded but in a strange way. They refracted the energy of a person in such a way that it was hard to get a good location on them. So the team split up. Zara and Hitode found the correct trail first and had Kaelden and Odin make their way back to them. The trail led up eventually and they found themselves outside the spaceport!

Treagir was trying to get away in a spaceship but the group had other plans for him. Kaelden in particular seemed furious and bloodthirsty. The group flew right through his ship, ruining it and forcing Treagir to fight. And though his skills and power were considerable, he was no match for Strike Team Bold. He eventually tried to flee.

He eventually gave up the chase and asked for mercy. He told them he would give them anything. That they would be able to get money – lots of money! He would be their ally and help them when they needed it…anything if they just let him live!

But Kaelden was having none of it. He wouldn’t allow the resistances’ good name to be dirtied by such a scumbag. He went in for the kill and with a couple quick strokes of his sword Treagir fell to his death. Just then the group sensed several significant powers, perhaps two dozen all around 100k, closing in on them from the downtown area. The group decided to flee as well.

It turned out to be a good choice as they saw the group were all empire fighters. But the group was already in the Silver Pony and flying away.

Once back at base they were congratulated on another job well done. They found that Conrad had been brought to the base to work on the Zephyr and he and Intrad had made plans to make some modifications to the Silver Pony based on the Zephyr technology. With another blow struck to the Empire and new enemies abound they were going to need all the help they could get.

What new challenges await the nearly fearless Strike Team Bold?


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