The Empire Saga

Free the Phaelans! Pt. 2

The valiant heroes had just been given a startling possibility – they have been duped this whole time into serving an evil resistance! Was this the truth? Was the Empire really just trying to do good in the galaxy?

They were given a day to ask around for themselves and that’s what they were going to do. The capital of Phael was a nice place. It had a calm about it and the people were very pleasant and accommodating…especially after they mentioned they are asking around on behalf of the Empire. Zara questioned a local tailor who was very friendly and even gave him a free suit of fine clothes for free. A little odd perhaps, but maybe that’s just the hospitality on this planet?

Odin and Hitode questioned a deli owner. He was pleasant at first, but evasive after some questioning. He shouted at them sternly that he was loyal to the Empire and that was all there was to it. He then asked them to leave and went into his back room.

“We need to find some more regular people” they all thought. So Zara and Kaelden went to a local bar called “The Shaky Limb.” The bartender was friendly with them and showed them what he had. He even showed them over to a special smoking section. Zara got a whiff of some distinctive herbs that he hasn’t smelled in a very long time which made him immediately giddy. After purchasing some of this herb and talking about the Empire on Phael with the bartender the group got the overall sense that the people were afraid of the Empire. They also noticed that there weren’t very many people in the capital for how big it is. Very suspicious.

They stopped in at a sandwich shop and questioned him. Zara was at first treated very normal and kindly, probably given his Phaelan garb and appearance. But after saying he was with the others – who had already said they were with the Empire and wanted sandwiches – he was treated differently again. The man started to stutter a bit and sweat started to appear on his brow.

It seemed that the mere mention of the Empire or being with the Empire evoked some fear into the people but no one would give them a straight answer. So Zara used his mind control powers to make the man tell the truth. That’s when they found out that the Empire was abducting any troublemakers and taking them to an unknown location. People would disappear if they spoke out against the Empire or caused any trouble. They weren’t even allowed to talk about the way things were before the Empire came.

This was appalling! Our heroes couldn’t just stand by idly and see this continue. The Empire must be cleared from this planet. Out on the street they powered up to prepare for battle. As they powered up they felt the two Empire leaders powering up as well. Their powers were incredible as well.

The group went back to the capital building. The receptionist there told them they were expected and should go right up. As they entered the large office where they met the Empire leaders before they were greeted calmly just as before.

“So I guess you have made your decision then? That was quick. So will you join the Empire?”

First Zara spoke, “You rule by fear. I could never follow your Emperor.” Odin simply confirmed his previous choice – death to the Empire and it’s people. Hitode spoke in a bit of a rhyme, but his answer was the same.

The Captain turned to Kaeldan, “What about you? Would you join us and go against your friends?”

Kaelden spoke decisively, “No. Your reign of terror ends today.”

“A pity. The Empire could use another Saiyan.” Came the Captains’ reply.

Quickly Kaelden interjected, “Wait, is the Emperor a Saiyan?”

The Captain ignored the statement altogether, “Well then, you all have made your decision. You are free to leave here peacefully and never return.”

Zara stepped forward a bit, “You know we can’t do that…”

The Captain stood from his relaxed position, “Fine. Have it your way.”

Zara, thinking quickly about where they were, spoke up, “Not here. We wouldn’t want to destroy this office and the city, now would we?” He went over to a window and blew the window out. “Let’s take this outside the city.”

The group led the way and, once outside the city, the battle commenced. The Captain was fast as lightning and with just a few quick blows he knocked Zara out. The group was shocked and had to work quick to defend themselves. Kaelden readied himself for an all out fight with the Captain as did the others. Meanwhile the Empire First Sergeant called out, “The Namekkian is mine!” and engaged Hitode. The two giant men clashed and thunder seemed to echo from their attacks. The scariest part of it all…Hitode was taking serious punishment!

The Captain gloated over his quick work of Zara. He must have thought that the rest of the group would be as easy to defeat. Just as his guard was down Kaelden came down on his shoulder with a sharp stab! His blade struck true and the Captain was grievously injured! Kaelden seized the opportunity and capitalized on his successful strike. He launched deadly energy blasts. The first missed but left the Captain open. With one more swift gesture he vaporized the enemy Captain. It would seem his training had paid off.

Kaelden continued his assault and launched blast after blast at the other enemy. He had a powerful deflection up and repelled his attacks and continued his attack on Hitode. Hitode was having a hard time damaging this brute but was making slow headway. Finally, after gathering more energy and focusing a bit more Kaelden launched another series of blasts. Finally one made it through his deflection and struck home! The brute was finished just as the Captain was.

Odin picked himself up after having been dashed to the ground by the First Sergeant. “It it over?”

Kaelden and Hitode rushed to Zara to see if he was OK. He was alive, but unconscious. He would recover in time. The group reported to the puppet of a Prime Minister that they were free of the Empire and then left the planet. The Phaelans would owe them a debt of gratitude for all the years of their lives.

After reporting to Matar Lance about their success they were given leave to relax. But just as they were leaving Hitode overheard a report come in about a resistance base being destroyed. Their recruiting and training base on Hopeek 5 was utterly destroyed! It must have been information that the Prince had leaked that lead to this destruction.

After questioning the Prince about this new incident he confessed that he had given more information than he could recall. He wasn’t sure what else they knew. He asked that he be allowed to try and make ammends by coming up with a plan to destroy his Empire contact. He felt confident that this contact was hoarding the information to secure his further promotion and position in the Empire.

Plans have been made, the task is set, and our heroes are now set to eliminate the Empire contact! Will Strike Team Bold be successful?

Find out next time!


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