The Empire Saga

Free the Phaelans! Pt. 1

Our intrepid heroes have come far. They have found out who the traitor is – Prince Mibrate of the Phaelans!

It turns out that the prince was sort of blackmailed into giving up information on the resistance. His people were being brutally tortured, killed, and there were threats against his home world if he didn’t cooperate with the Empire. Believing that it was the only way to save his people, he agreed to help the Empire in exchange for his peoples’ safety.

Our group of heroes has decided that they cannot let an innocent race of people suffer under the hands of the Empire just because of the misguided actions of their prince. And so, with little debate, the group set course to the planet Phael. It was 8 days journey to get there so the group decided to do a little training on the way. In fact, they did little else and ended up keeping their pilot, JoLocho Intrad, from getting any solid sleep.

After finding a suitable place to land the party left Intrad to free the planet from the Empire’s grip! There were only two large powers which would be a problem to them and those powers were located together. One was close to Zara and Kaeldan’s strength and the other was slightly stronger than Odin and Hitode. Still, they wished to have the element of surprise and so hid their power levels and proceeded on foot.

Sprinting for 100 miles at 40 miles an hour is a difficult thing, even for our powerful heroes. Zara couldn’t keep pace any longer and, after about 70 miles, he activated flight and took off ahead of the group just 5 miles so he could rest a bit. It wasn’t long after they grouped back up that they sensed a couple powers coming towards them. Was this because of Zara? Or had they been tracking them all along?

Three Empire soldiers, approximately 4,000 power level each, flew to a halt some distance in front of the group and shouted “Halt!” This group doesn’t take kindly to Empire scum and so, in the blink of an eye Odin blasted all three with an area blast and the other group members went in for the kill. Just as Zara was gathering power to blow an enemy to dust one of the soldiers shouted…

“So, it is you. The ones we’ve heard about. Our Captain wishes to speak with you peacefully.”

Zara, with a glowing ball of energy in his palm right at an enemies’ stomach, relaxed and backed down as did the others. The soldier who was almost vaporized was visibly relieved and scared.

“All right, take us to this Captain of yours.” Replied Zara.

And so the group followed the soldiers to the capital, all the way to an elegant building in a beautiful courtyard. They ascended an elevator to a large room where three other people were. Two Empire members – the two of high power that they sensed – and a Phaelan sitting behind a desk.

The Captain was standing at the window with his back turned when they entered. Cool, calm, collected…this man exuded intelligence and not a bit of fear. When he turned he had black hair, light skin, and golden wolf eyes. His companion stood with his arms across his chest. And a giant chest it was. This man was massive – easily 6’8" with a very broad chest. His muscular strength was apparent as he rivaled Hitode in sheer size. He had short brown hair, light skin with a slight olive tone, and bone protrusions on his head in a crown pattern.

The Captain spoke, “I’m so glad you could come. Do not worry, I only wish to talk.” His voice was fair and lilting. His calm and grace rolling off his words easily. He questioned their presence and their reason for attacking the Empire outposts on Bellan. After some curt answers from the group he switched gears. And what he said next totally shocked the group. He asked if they would join the Empire!

He told them how the Empire was truly just trying to bring peace to the Galaxy. About how they sought to improve trade and commerce, share technology, and eradicate crime. They only killed when attacked. Sure, there were some bad apples in the Empire, but they would be dealt with harshly.

The group didn’t know what to say. Were they truly being manipulated by the resistance as this man was saying? Were they tricked all along? They were given leave to talk to the citizens and see what their attitude was about the Empire. Were the Phaelans truly being brutalized, killed, and enslaved? The group had a day to talk to the Phaelans and find out before they would be asked to leave peacefully. What will their decision be?

Find out next time!


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