The Empire Saga

Resistance Under Attack! Counter Strike Now!

Who is the Prince's contact?

The group, known as Strike Team Bold now, has been given the task to eliminate Prince Mibrate’s Empire contact and regain the stolen information. The stage has been set. All that is needed now is to go to the meeting location and complete the mission.

The meeting place was set up on the remote world of Juntau in the Cacus System. After three days of space travel, the heroes were ready for some real action. They decided to play it safe though and had Intrad drop them off some ways from the meeting place. They decided to simply fly to the spot but kept their powers around 5,000 in order to not raise suspicion.

The group arrived at a large clearing. They cautiously entered the field on foot and looked for the contact. They didn’t find a single person, but instead found some large metallic disc pad near the center of the field. As they approached, the metallic disc flickered to life and an image appeared.

The image of a Nomed in Empire garb and wearing significant rank on his shoulders appeared. His voice was dark and churning as he spoke…
“Ahhh, not the prince afterall. No matter, we were going to kill him anyways. If he cracked so easily for us then he was likely to do the same when his betrayal was discovered. Goodbye, whoever you are.”

Just as the image cut out Zara noticed a light coming from above. Some sort of energy blast was careening at the group!

“Look out!” was all Zara could yell before the blasts exploded all around them. Luckily they all had deflections prepared and were able to repel the energy, but this was an enormous amount of power! If they had been hit they would have been vaporized for sure! Odin was panting on the ground, sweat beading on his brow some 50 meters away. He had taken the brunt of two of the blasts and nearly died from a third.

After gathering themselves up they called Intrad to pick them up. He was already on the communicator, “You guys OK? I just saw some crazy fireworks!” He explained later that a capitol ship called the Nepheron had come out of nowhere and fired it’s plasma cannons at their location. Intrad stayed hidden since there was no way that he could do anything against that ship.

The group returned to the Resistance base empty handed except for the dire knowledge that Admiral Nerator was the Prince’s contact. This did not bode well at all. But in the week that the group was gone Tagmatar Zeon decided that now was the time to strike at the Supay Shipyards in the Matano System. If successful, this attack would seriously hinder the Empire’s ability to replenish the loses of their ships.

Strike team bold was given the difficult task of ensuring that no reinforcements came to the aid of the shipyards from the Empire outpost on the nearby planet Sesmose. The Resistance fleet mounted up and left for battle.

Once at the destination, Strike Team Bold needed to take out the reinforcements just prior to the attack. They decided that an air drop would be best for this in order to get the drop on the enemy. Their target was to specifically take out the communications relay, the command center, and the docking area.

Once out of the ship they saw several structures below. They didn’t know which was which, so they just had to make educated guesses.

“There! Those have antenna and dishes on them. That must be it!” cried Zara. Odin, Hitode, and Kaelden wasted no time in sending deadly energy blasts raining down. They attacked with precision. Within moments the base was a smoking ruin. But out of the rubble came several strong fighters!

8 elite guardsmen and a commanding officer wearing some sort of metal exoskeleton frame flew out of the rubble. The battle became heated very quickly. Kaelden annihilated two of them quickly while Zara threw blasts to whittle away their foes. Hitode took the brunt of two attackers rage. Luckily their blows were too weak to injure him and he had a significant deflection up. He laughed at them as they proved useless against his defenses.

Odin struck sound blows against the attackers on Hitode and worked to take some of the heat off his Namekkian friend. Soon the battle was tipping significantly in favor of our heroes! As some attackers were injured and noticed the battle was lost they tried to flee. But Zara wasn’t going to allow that! Shoo-KOWBOOOM! Zara used what he had previously learned about intercepting blasts to annihilate any enemy who fled. Meanwhile Kaelden had made short work of the commanding officer whose strange suit had proved very dangerous.

That action of course put Kaelden at the top of the “to do” list. Even with multiple images helping him out Kaelden couldn’t hold up to the onslaught that the elite guards brought upon him. Kaelden was down and unconscious. But Hitode, Odin, and Zara were still in the fight and mopped up the rest of the Empire scum with little difficulty.

In under a minute the base was destroyed and all opposition was wiped out. The attack was a success. But what will this yield for the Resistance? What will the Empire’s reaction be? And what will they do about Admiral Nerator and his feared ship the Nepheron?!

Find out next time!


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When is the next session?

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