The Empire Saga

The Prototype Fighter
Where did it go?

Our heroes have succeeded. The secret weapon for the Empire is no longer a threat. As a reward for their faithful and courageous service they have been requested to work for the main unit of the resistance. What sorts of missions would they be doing there?

Upon arrival to the base on Antibaar-3 in the Hoc system the heroes are stunned to sense many massive powers. It would seem that the resistance does indeed have many powerful members – and they are all located here!

Strike Team Bold was greeted by a powerful Nomed and a slightly less powerful Losian. The Nomed introduced himself as Taxiarchos Kerill and the Losian as his executive officer, Tagmatar Rosaria. Strike Team Bold was to take their orders from either of them, but no one else.

After being shown around the base by Tagmatar Rosaria the team settled in and got a couple days of rest. It wasn’t long before they were summoned by Taxiarchos Kerill to head out on a mission. They were to assist in escorting a prototype fighter ship back to this base from a secret development location on planet Chasca of the Almacrux system, just on the edge of the Deem nebula.

So off they went. 7 days later they arrived to find the base had been destroyed. Upon further investigation of the scene they found the fighter had been taken and the other escorts killed as well. There had been a fierce battle here and bodies were strewn about the battlefield. Zara recognized one of the bodies as that of someone they saw back in Arcturus Prime. It was the rude thug who they saw at the bar and also heading in to see Sonelan.

With that as their only lead the group took off for Arcturus Prime. No one was particularly happy about revisiting this place so soon after their last misadventures. But they had to find that fighter. They tried to visit their “friend” Sonelan, but he put them off for two days. So instead they started looking for Prescyla. Perhaps she could help.

They went to her previous secret base, but she wasn’t there and the place was destroyed. They tried to sense for her power but it was shielded somehow. They tracked it to a building but couldn’t get a lock on it. In their efforts to find Prescyla the group drew the attention of the police and fled the scene.

Later that night they were approached by a woman who gave them info that Prescyla would meet them. They went to a specified location at the specified time and were picked up in a special limo type vehicle that was shielded so power could not be sensed within. Prescyla greeted the group with only a few pleasantries before she cautioned them – they had brought trouble to this area and people were on alert. She had to be careful and that’s why she didn’t come to see them earlier.

After hearing of their plight she told them that she had heard something about Treagir of the Dregir crime syndicate talking about something like that. She told them to go talk to him at his club Illusions.

Illusions turned out to be an exotic alien strip bar and escort lounge. After gaining an audience with Treagir the group asked for his help. He said he’d look into it and that they should come back tomorrow. Upon their return they were given a choice: to get the information they would have to give him the schematics also. They agreed to his terms. But to hold these resistance members to their word he asked that they leave the “squirrely” one, Odin, with him as collateral.

Odin agreed that he would stay, but he told them that they better not try anything funny or he’d make sure they regretted it. The group was given their information and left. Odin was escorted out to a hotel across the street to wait…

Kaelden, Hitode, and Zara took off to the Antida asteroid belt to recover the fighter from one of Sonelans’ secret bases. No wonder he wouldn’t see them or help them. He had taken the fighter in the first place! The group wasn’t sure what they could do against a man like Sonelan – he was very powerful after all. Not only that but the group learned he was second in command of the Armeni crime syndicate!

Upon reaching the Antida asteroid base the group put on space suits and exited through the airlock. They reached a porthole in the base and Zara used the knowledge he’s gained through study of the galactic technology to hack the controls and open the hatch. Once inside Zara again hacked the computer to download a schematic for the asteroid base onto his datapad. With that they were able to find where the Zephyr prototype fighter was located.

They zipped through the halls of the space station, moving too fast for the average worker or security guard to see. But on occasion one of them would be spotted and a small fight would ensue. Eventually the alarm was sounded. Perhaps a body was found by a passerby…

The three members of Strike Team Bold finally made it to the hanger doors. Zara used his skills to open the doors and the group was greeted by a band of enemies shooting at them. Their high-tech weaponry was enough to damage even Hitode! But through the proper application of force, namely two specifically aimed blasts from Zara, the enemy fighters were almost completely wiped out. Kaelden and Hitode mopped up the leftovers.

And there was the Zephyr! They needed to open the hangar doors to get the Zephyr out, but there weren’t any controls in here. Kaelden spotted what looked like a control room above and decided to check it out. Once in there Zara helped him to figure out how to open the door. Zara then guided Intrad in while he examined the computer equipment that was hooked up to the Zephyr.

While in the control room Kaelden noticed that one of the information servers looked out of place. It seemed to look like the ones that were mostly destroyed back on the Zephyr base that had been destroyed. He decided that it would be a good idea to take it with them so he picked it up and headed out the window to group up with the others.

During all of this Hitode had gone back to where they entered into the base to retrieve their space suits. He got a little lost and ended up getting into a fight, but that didn’t last too long. He finally made his way back to the other guys just after they had fought off another group of guards that had assaulted into the hangar bay. Kaelden had used the Silver Pony’s guns to make quick work of them though.

With the information downloaded from the computers and the Zephyr in hand the group took off. Intrad flew the new fighter and Zara flew the Silver Pony. Intrad took off for the resistance base while the others went to get Odin back.

Once back in Treagir’s office the group handed over some altered plans for the Zephyr. Then they were taken out into the street to meet up with Odin. Once they were reunited they were attacked from above! Men on the roofs armed with guns and strange pulse launchers bombarded them from all sides! Hitode took a direct hit and went flying through several buildings and across two blocks!

Zara, Odin, and Kaelden went to work taking out the trash until Hitode recovered and made his way back. Once they were done with that the group went into the club Illusions to find the double crossing Treagir. They didn’t find him or sense his power at all. After searching the place Zara found a secret door that led down into the sewer system.

The sewers were shielded but in a strange way. They refracted the energy of a person in such a way that it was hard to get a good location on them. So the team split up. Zara and Hitode found the correct trail first and had Kaelden and Odin make their way back to them. The trail led up eventually and they found themselves outside the spaceport!

Treagir was trying to get away in a spaceship but the group had other plans for him. Kaelden in particular seemed furious and bloodthirsty. The group flew right through his ship, ruining it and forcing Treagir to fight. And though his skills and power were considerable, he was no match for Strike Team Bold. He eventually tried to flee.

He eventually gave up the chase and asked for mercy. He told them he would give them anything. That they would be able to get money – lots of money! He would be their ally and help them when they needed it…anything if they just let him live!

But Kaelden was having none of it. He wouldn’t allow the resistances’ good name to be dirtied by such a scumbag. He went in for the kill and with a couple quick strokes of his sword Treagir fell to his death. Just then the group sensed several significant powers, perhaps two dozen all around 100k, closing in on them from the downtown area. The group decided to flee as well.

It turned out to be a good choice as they saw the group were all empire fighters. But the group was already in the Silver Pony and flying away.

Once back at base they were congratulated on another job well done. They found that Conrad had been brought to the base to work on the Zephyr and he and Intrad had made plans to make some modifications to the Silver Pony based on the Zephyr technology. With another blow struck to the Empire and new enemies abound they were going to need all the help they could get.

What new challenges await the nearly fearless Strike Team Bold?

The Secret Weapon! Pt.3
It's c-c-cold! Who are these freaks?!

Strike Team Bold had successfully secured Conrad Gars and fled from Eletania-5. Their destination: the planet Thracia in the Tac system.

Conrad explained that there was a secret facility high in the mountains of the planet and that they were doing their nefarious research for the weapon there. On the trip there the group debated as to how they would take out the base and secure the weapon. Several plans were thought up but it wasn’t until Odin spoke up that everyone felt confident about their attack.

“Why don’t we drop out of the ship about 100 miles out and then fly in with our power hidden. Then when we get there we can blow up any communications relay we see. That way they can’t send for reinforcements.”

Everyone nodded in agreement that the plan sounded good.

Upon arrival to the planet the group sensed that there were only two strong powers they might have to worry about. They confidently exited the ship into the open air. The world they were on was magnificent and beautiful – a clear day showed snow covered mountains that rose up all around them and reflected the sunlight like little jewels were covering them. Unfortunately it was also deadly cold.

The group hurried to their destination as the cold bit at their flesh. Frostbite was quickly setting into any location that was exposed to the air. Strike Team Bold had to get out of the cold and soon.

Luckily it only took about a minute to arrive at the location. Without hesitation Zara located the communication antenna of the base and blasted it to smithereens along with a few guards who were on watch. Kaelden zipped to ground level and made short work of several other guards with his deadly blade.

Hitode wasted no time in getting out of the cold and broke down the door to the facility. Just then a strange ship flew low nearby, about a mile away. 3 powers dropped out of it, but from this distance only two figures could be seen. They headed straight at Zara and Odin who were floating in the air above the facility.

When they got close they stopped. The sight before our heroes was strange to say the least. There was a man who’s left side of his face looked mechanical and robotic. His right hand was also metal and he wore the uniform of an Empire Lieutenant. His power level was low, almost insignificant compared to our heroes.

On his shoulder was a little man dressed in a red fighting outfit. He hopped off and floated next to him showing he was maybe 2 feet tall at most. He had tan skin and black hair and looked thin and frail. His face was that of a child, but his demeanor said he meant business. He had a small power level, maybe 20,000 at most, and so Odin said with a bit of cockiness, “I’ll take the little guy.”

On the other side of the lieutenant was a humanoid who was now grotesquely mutated. His left half of his body was out of proportion with his right side and he had a sort of slime all over him. His left side of his face was larger and his left eye was a good three times as big and bestial looking. His left arm was a tentacle and his lower torso was completely alien – clawed and bestial feet, bumpy scales, and the start of a tail showed through the tattered remnants of an Empire Sergeant’s uniform. He seemed to be the most powerful of the group, just slightly more powerful than Odin.

“Give up now and we will make your death quick.” The cyborg spoke with authority and confidence. “I, Lieutenant Armis, will have my revenge!” At the mention of revenge the bestial sergeant snarled and roared in agreement.

Zara wasted no time speaking with these freaks. He let loose with two large blasts which encompassed the three of them and deftly moved back to make room between him and them. The blasts roiled around their powerful deflections, but Zara gave it no thought. He would wear them down easily. After all, only the mutant was of significant power level.

The little man in red grinned, “You’ll take me will you? Sounds fine to me!” and burst towards Odin. Odin prepared his defense and was ready for the little man when all of a sudden he became incredibly heavy – the gravity around him suddenly increased greatly! He wasn’t ready for the increase in gravity and was unable to dodge as the little man grabbed him by the shoulder and then took him straight to the ground. They landed heavily with a “thud” and the little guy spoke up, “Now you will know why they fear the name Krasni Karlic!”

Krasni had a death grip on Odin as he proceeded to launch a flurry of blows at him. Odin tried to dodge or deflect the attacks but they were just too fast and he wasn’t moving very easily in this increased gravity. Krasni was pummeling Odin senseless. Odin struck back as best he could, but the little guy was wily…and little! Even though he never withdrew his grip he was terribly hard to hit due to the increased gravity around them. Odin’s moves were sluggish at best, but he was able to connect with an upward kick to the little guys’ chin. Krasni almost lost his grip but held firm to his victim.

Kaelden saw an opportunity to strike and flew from below to attack the cyborg, Armis. He slashed twice and missed! How was this fighter with such a low power level able to evade Kaeldens’ attacks?! It would seem he had hidden depths to his power that were not clearly revealed.

Hitode thought to join the fight with the brutish mutant. He struck a solid blow but as he did there was a spray of slime from the mutated Sergeant. The slime burned into Hitode’s flesh like nothing he’d ever felt before… The slime was some sort of acidic secretion that acted as some sort of defense against attackers!

The mutant retaliated with a lash from his tentacle arm. Crack! The tentacle whipped out like lightning and struck Hitode in his arm. The attack did no damage at all and Hitode shrugged it off easily. But suddenly he felt a strange sensation. Some sort of parasite was digging into his flesh where the tentacle hit! Hitode felt his strength being sapped by the parasite just as another tentacle attack struck him in the neck. The second attack also left a parasite! Hitode’s strength was fading with each attack even though the strikes weren’t hurting him.

That’s when Armis joined the battle and attacked Kaelden and sent him flying. He followed up his strike with a strange attack indeed. His robotic eye lit up and a laser like energy beam shot out! it struck Kaelden but couldn’t burn past his deflection. Armis simply turned his head and the energy beam cut a swath wherever he looked, attacking Zara, Odin and Hitode as well.

Hitode then rethought his plan and went to help Odin with his problem. He flew in to attack Krasni from behind thinking that would give him an advantage. He didn’t know about the gravity field around him. At the last moment he was caught in the increased gravity and went face first into the snow! An embarrassing moment to say the least, but he recovered well by flipping up and attacking. He too was sluggish with his attack. Even so, it seemed his plan to attack from behind was sound as he struck home with a solid Sake-ha Shen-doken that sent Krasni Karlic flying – right into Odin. Odin and Krasni Karlic went tumbling right off the edge of the mountain…

Zara continued to blast away at the mutant, trying his best to help against the beast. Hitode rejoined the fight with the mutant as well in an effort to keep it away from the fragile Zara. Meanwhile Kaelden had has hands full with the cyborg Armis and Odin was struggling to fight for his life as he tumbled down the side of the mountain with Krasni Karlic who had regained his hold on Odin.

Things were looking like they could go either way and the group was hoping that the guards from inside wouldn’t join this difficult battle. That would turn the tides against them for sure. Luckily Hitode struck a solid blow against the brutish mutant, launching him in the air. Just as he and Zara had practiced and planned Zara sent a blast at the reeling enemy that ripped through his humanoid side. Upon seeing his comrade nearly incinerated Armis fled battle, catching the remains of the mutant before flying down the mountian.

Odin thought for a split second that maybe someone was coming to help him only to see the cyborg flying full speed at him. He gulped back his fear and determined to beat them all if he had to. He never got the chance as the cyborg grabbed the ailing Krasni and in a blink they all disappeared.

The fight was over but the mission was still on. Odin rejoined the group and they infiltrated the facility. As they made their way into the research lab they came across many dead bodies. It seems the scientists and workers here had all been killed. The group came to a room with a man pointing a weapon at the doorway. The group called out, “Give up now! You have no chance to win!”

Kaelden took a risk and rushed into the room. He slashed but caused only minor wounds. This guard was tougher than he thought! Odin went in to help as did Zara. A small fight broke out and, just as it seemed that they would take him down, a blast destroyed a nearby wall. Another guard peered through the rubble! Just then the guard that was almost dead threw the weapon to the other who then sped off!

Kaelden gave chase as did Odin. Zara stayed just long enough to turn the other guard to dust and then joined the pursuit. The chase was on! The guard fled as fast as he could and launched strange, crackling energy blasts from the weapon he had. Kaelden and Zara dodged a couple blasts, but a few hit Odin. The group was shocked to see that his deflection had no effect on these blasts! It was as if they used the deflection as a conduit to attack his body… A dangerous weapon indeed!

Zara saw that and knew he didn’t want to be hit by it at all and readied a blast to intercept the attack if it came to him. After another attack at Kaelden a blast came his way! “Hah!” he thought, “I won’t be so easy to hit!” and he launched an intercept blast. But when the intercept blast connected with the weapons’ energy attack something strange happened…It absorbed his blast and grew in size! Zara dodged the attack by only a hair. And a good thing he did as it seemed that attack would have sent him to the next dimension for sure!

Suddenly the guard stopped. He turned around, crushed the weapon in his hands and then vaporized it with an energy attack. “I give up.” he announced.

What to do with this man now? Interrogate him! Zara used his mind control on him to have him answer questions truthfully, but the man seemed terribly strong willed. Zara wasn’t sure if it was working or not. Suddenly the man yelled out, “You’ll never get the information you desire!” and killed himself with a power blast to the face.

The group was stunned by this display of fierce loyalty! These guards must have been hand picked for their devotion to the Emperor and his cause. The group went back and searched the facility, but to no avail. There were no clues and no information as to the design of the weapon. All the prisoners and faculty were killed and all the data destroyed. But at least the Empire no longer had such a fierce weapon!

Hitode called for Intrad to pick them up and soon they were back on their way. Once back at the resistance base they debriefed with Tagmatar Zeon and introduced Conrad. They were congratulated on a job well done and then told some interesting news – they were to be relocated to the main Resistance unit for special duty. It seems their actions have gained the attention of many of Tagmatar Zeons’ superiors.

What lay in store for the heroes? Who were those strange assassins? And where did the Empire get the technology for such a powerful and unique weapon?

Find out next time!

The Secret Weapon! Pt.2
The Mutt Slums: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

Our heroes had arrived in the Mutt slums and bought clothes to blend in. They were tasked to find Conrad Gars somewhere in this dump, but where to begin? Luckily the spy report they had been given had some possible clues about where to look. And even a map to help them find their way.

The first stop was to a little electronics shop: Error 389. The shop specialized in selling spare parts of all sorts of electronics. From circuit boards, to display devices, to energy transformers and more. This was a tinkerer’s dream store! Surely Conrad might come in here.

The shopkeep wasn’t very helpful. Identifying himself as RX-9, the sales droid was fairly blunt and straightforward with his answers.

“Do you know anyone named Prescyla?” asked the group.
“Negative. I do not know the names of my patrons. That information is not required.” came the curt reply.

After a bit more of that sort of answer the group gave up their quest at this location.

Next stop was a local bar and black market connection spot called ‘The Gut Wrench’. Black market, huh? Surely there would be some information here!

Unfortunately the proprietor didn’t know of any Prescyla and the other patrons were short with their replies. Zara noticed two small groups of well dressed men making some sort of exchange and then leaving the bar. When Kaelden went to ask them if they knew anything, they rudely brushed him aside. Who were these guys, and just who did they think they were? But there was no time for that. The group wasn’t here to get into random bar brawls, and the fight would cause too much destruction and bring too much attention.

On to the next stop. It was getting about evening and the next location on their list was ‘The Prosperous Gent’, an upscale casino right in the Mutt slums. The group entered the establishment and, luckily, were dressed for the locale. There were plenty of people wearing fine clothes and throwing around lots of money in this place.

Zara decided to do a bit of gambling while the others spread out to ask some questions of the patrons. He eyed a card game that looked fun, but the table was unfortunately full. There was a man at the other end of the table with a woman on both arms. He wore a dark suit and had black hair that went almost to his shoulders.

He spoke up, “Would you like to play?”
“Oh, I was just watching to learn it a bit. Besides, your table is full.” replied Zara.
“No worries…” he said and nodded to a man sitting nearest Zara. The man got up and left with his money… “Looks like a spot opened up. Please, have a seat.”

Zara felt he was very strong, about 5 times stronger than he was. And all of a sudden he was a bit baffled and relieved at the same time as Lord Frost’s power level was no longer detected. In either case Zara felt it was prudent to accept the man’s offer.

The rest of the group had also noticed this phenomenon by now, but the strong power they were able to sense right in the club worried a couple of them. They were getting nowhere it seemed with their questions so some of the group tried their hand at gambling. Some did OK, some lost a bit, and Zara started to win fairly well at the card table.

A few hours passed and through the course of natural conversation Zara found out that the man he was sitting across from was named Sonelan. He recognized the name from when the datapad told them the info about this location. Sonelan was the owner of the establishment…

Zara smoothly let drop some hints about what they were doing and Sonelan got up and invited Zara to join him. He and his two companions led Zara to an in-house club where they sat at a VIP table with translucent black curtains all around it. Shortly thereafter a confused looking Odin, Kaelden, and Hitode showed up each escorted by a bouncer separately.

“Ummm, what’s going on Zara?” asked Odin, cautiously eying the man with the massive power level sitting near them.
“Yeah. What’s this all about?” prodded Hitode.
“Guys, this is Sonelan, the owner of this place.”
“Oh, very nice to meet you. This is a sweet place you have here.” came Hitode’s quick reply.
Sonelan gestured to some seats… “Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves. Please, have a seat.”
Hitode nodded in agreement, “Oh, very much so.”
“Well your friend Zara here has told me you are looking for someone. A Conrad Gars who is being hidden in the city by Prescyla herself.”
A little stunned, Kaelden spoke up, “You know her?”
“More like I know ‘of’ her.” Sonelan motioned to one of his girls to get him a drink. “I try to steer clear of her and her ilk. She is a thief of the highest caliber.”
Odin chimed in, “Can you help us find her?”
“Yes, I do believe I can.”

The group was clearly happy with this news. They were finally making some headway!

Sonelan continued, “But I would ask a favor of you in return.”
“Ummm, I guess. Sure. What do you need?” asked Zara.

“There is a shipment of high-tech weapons which have been confiscated and locked up at the local law enforcement’s station in their basement evidence room. I happen to know that tomorrow night a local criminal gang is going to assault the station in an attempt to retrieve the weapons. I want you to make sure they don’t succeed in this task. And I’d also like you to destroy the weapons so that they can’t be used by anyone else either. Easy enough for you guys I’m sure.”

Odin was a bit confused, “But you’re so powerful, why don’t you just do it yourself?”
Zara interjected before an answer could be made, “Don’t you see? He’s a distinguished member of society. He doesn’t want his name attached to this at all. It might ruin his reputation.”

After a bit more of the details were talked about the group agreed and left the establishment. They were to return after their job was complete.

A night and a day passed. It was a longer wait than the group anticipated given the planets’ 33 hour day cycle. But as midnight approached the group got into position near the station. And right about the appointed time came the attack!

Several vehicles, all full with brutish thugs armed with various high-tech firearms sped to the rear of the station. They opened fire on the officers with a volley of gunfire and missiles. After the first missile blew a hole into the rear wall Kaelden saw fit to start his intervention. He started by picking up the missile truck and throwing it onto another truck nearby!

The thugs were now in a state of disarray and opened fire on the new threat. Kaelden was surprised when he took a significant amount of damage from these weapons and fled to the sky. Since the fight was in full swing, Zara took the opportunity to go after the weapons in the evidence room. He crashed right through the front entrance and was about to blast the large metal security door when Kaelden joined him by charging right through it! They leapfrogged through the station to the basement and in a blink they stole the three crates that held the weapons.

After a quick journey to the ship to drop off the crates they were rejoining the fight. There wasn’t much fight left though as Hitode and Odin were making short work of the thugs. Hitode was simply too strong for the thugs to hurt him and his new “Dragon’s Rage” attack sent the thugs flying in all directions. Before long the fight was over and the group sped off to Sonelan’s place.

Sonelan made the group wait till very late in the evening and then met them in his office. He was very happy to hear of their success and talked to them for a small bit before sending them off so he could handle other matters. On their way out the group saw the three men from ‘The Gut Wrench’ that had been rather rude to them. The lead man was carrying the same briefcase he had previously gotten there. What was their connection with Sonelan?

The group decided it was best to let that go and proceed on their mission. The data that Sonelan gave them led them back to Error 389. It seemed there was a hidden black brick in the back of the west wall on the outside of the shop that opened up a secret underground entrance. Zara was quick to find the brick and open the doors.

The group entered the secret lair cautiously and was surprised to see a brothel. Scantily clad and beautiful women were all around. Some tended to men already, some started to seduce some of the group. After asking to see Prescyla the group was again made to wait. The wait was short though and they soon found themselves in Prescyla’s office. It was a moderately dim room with nice decorations and very little furnishings. There was a long lounge couch which Prescyla laid across and pillows on the floor to sit on.

The group was straight to the point: Where was Conrad?! Prescyla got up, very sultry like and looking exotic. Her moves were hypnotizing, her smell so alluring, her gaze was paralyzing… Everyone but Hitode was taken with her and transfixed on her every move and every word.

“And why do you want to see him?” purred Prescyla.
“Because he has information we need…” replied several members of the group.
Hitode started getting nervous at his friends’ odd behavior… “Ummm, guys? Guys!”

Prescyla continued her hypnotic swaying and way of speaking, questioning the group more about their intentions. It wasn’t long before Odin and Kaelden were completely entranced by her. But Hitode was completely immune to her charms which intrigued her, so she moved to him…

“And how come you are still so nervous? Don’t you like me?” She purred into his ear.
Hitode tensed up and looked down at the woman, “Sorry, but I ain’t got no meats. I don’t much care for women. What are you doing to my friends?”
Prescyla was a bit shocked herself but quickly regained her composure, “Awwww, you poor thing! That sounds so terrible to not know the pleasure a woman can bring…”
Hitode just shrugged, “Yeah, it sucks a bit. But then again, I don’t really know for sure. What are you doing to my friends? Stop it.”
“Me? I’m doing nothing. Your friends are simply enjoying themselves…”

Just then a few more women, obviously warriors, came out of secret doors in the office and surrounded the group. Their power levels were nothing to scoff at and, combined with Prescyla’s power level and strange tricks, this was turning into a bad situation real fast.

Suddenly Zara snapped out of his trance. Shaking his head he spoke up, “What tricks are you playing? Release our friends and tell us where Conrad is!”

Prescyla had Odin and Kaelden move to protect her. Their faces and demeanor showed they would do so with their lives. “Conrad is safe. That is all you need to know.”

“We are with the resistance. We are fighting to stop the Empire and Conrad has information we need to stop them from building some weapon.” Zara spoke with enthusiasm and truth.

Prescyla relaxed her posture a bit and spoke to no one in particular, “What do you think Conrad?”
All of a sudden a man came out of another secret door dressed like a spacer and holding a strange firearm. He spoke with a twangy accent, “I think we should hear them out and maybe help them.”

“It’s your call Conrad.” Prescyla went to him and everyone in the room relaxed a bit.

After a short conversation later Prescyla and Conrad Gars vowed to help them and the Resistance. Conrad would go with them to help them find the weapon and Prescyla would stay in Arcturus Prime as a spy agent. Conrad also told them about the weapon they were to find. It supposedly attacked a person’s Chi. This was significant in that, the more Chi you had, the more damage it would do to you. And nothing short of personal endurance could stop the weapon from killing you.

The group got some rest, and some of them got some “play time”, and when they woke they were on their way.

Just as they exited the secret entrance they were confronted by a group of four Empire soldiers. “Halt!” they said. “You will hand over Conrad and surrender. Or you will die.”

The group gave their answer… “Never!” and prepared for battle.

The fight was fierce. These soldiers seemed to have been picked as near perfect matches for the members of Strike Team Bold. The Lieutenant was a master swordsman like Kaelden but wielded two ninja-to’s. The Master Sergeant was a giant bruiser – as strong as Hitode and maybe tougher. The Ensign was an agile blaster like Zara and had plenty of power to throw around. Finally, the Staff Sergeant was a martial artist like Odin.

Zara used mind control to make the Master Sergeant leave the area for a while and everyone else paired off. Things were looking difficult until Kaelden broke off to help Odin. In two quick strikes and a well placed blast he vaporized the Staff Sergeant! The group then took out the Swordsman and started to focus fire the agile Ensign.

The Ensign fell to another of Kaelden’s blasts just as the Master Sergeant came back. He looked angry to say the least… He rushed in and tore through several of Kaeldens’ multi-forms as the rest of the group tried in vain to hurt him. Even Hitode’s attacks failed to put a dent into the brute’s defenses. Finally one of Zara’s blasts got through his deflection! It struck home and he went rocketing to the ground. Surprisingly he got up and dusted himself off. He was clearly injured but nowhere near dead!

Kaelden knew it was now or never and launched a final blast to end the brute. With the fight over and the surrounding area totally destroyed the group grabbed Conrad and sped towards the ship. Intrad already had the ship ready and they took off immediately.

With their new comrade on board and their destination charted they took off to recover this secret weapon. What would they find on this barren world they were headed for? What would this weapon look like? And what resistance would they meet at the research station?

Find out next time!

The Secret Weapon! Pt.1
Find Conrad Gars!

The battle on Sesmose had been won. All that was left was for the heroes to pick through the rubble to see if they can find anything of use or value. They found little, since much of the base was destroyed, though they did find some Mez.

It was an easy trip back to the Resistance base where the group took a load off and got some rest. By the next morning the rest of the force had returned and there was a sort of excitement in the air. The Empire had been dealt a harsh blow, hopefully the first of many. The group was greeted with warm smiles and words of congratulations at every turn for a job well done. Rumors had already started about how the group destroyed the support base in less than a minute.

It turned out that the resistance needed to focus on recruitment and training at the moment and so there were no other missions planned for some time. Plus that would give some time for the Empire to come down from the high alert status that they were likely to be at now. And so the heroes trained.

Kaelden trained on learning a new signature move – a power blast to destroy his foes. Odin continued his quest to perfect a fighting technique to make him more accurate. Hitode extended his arms out and goofed off in the corner. Zara continued his quest to learn a super secret technique Master Roldi knew.

After a few weeks some of the group had shown progress. Kaelden had perfected his signature blast “Fiery Judgement” to burn his foes to cinders. It turns out that Hitode wasn’t just goofing off in the corner. He had created a strange move that capitalized on his unique Namekkian abilities and his great strength. He would clap his hands together with the force of thunder and in doing so was able to temporarily daze his opponents. His first use of it was on Kaelden and even the mighty Saiyan was taken aback by the sheer power this move might posess.

Odin and Zara continued to work on their much more difficult and exacting techniques. Both showed great focus as they worked their forms and sparred with the group. It wasn’t long after that Zara, after many months of trying to perfect his new ability, finally made it work. He could now use his power in any way he chose without registering an increase in his power output. He could effectively keep his power level suppressed and hidden all the time…or at least most of the time. It would seem the technique needs a bit more mastering.

Odin continued work on his technique as Kaelden tried to train himself to resist the weakness induced by his tail being grabbed. Meanwhile Hitode was nowhere to be seen and Zara was off by himself smelling his special incense. What was that loud pounding noise anyways?

Matar Lance paid the group a visit during dinner one night and gave them all payment of 1000 Mez each for their work so far. He also talked to them a bit about the Emperor and his senior officers. The group was very inquisitive and hungry for information and Matar Lance filled in some of the gaps for them. He suggested they try to do some research at a data terminal if they wished to know more about any number of subjects.

Zara needed some more herbs for his incense so he decided to go back to Phael to get some more and to see how the Phaelans were doing. He was greeted very warmly and the capitol system was abuzz with activity – a total 180 from their last visit. It seemed that the Phaelans were rebuilding quickly and with much cheer. Zara was able to procure some of his special herbs for a reasonable price and went to visit the tailor he saw last time he was in town. The tailor gave him a new topcoat for free claiming that it was no problem considering the many sales he has had selling the “clothes of the savior”. Zara quickly returned to base with nothing but good news in tow.

Two months passed and the heroes were called to Tagmatar Zeon’s office…

“The Empire has been working on a secret weapon on some remote, frozen world. We need you to retrieve the schematics and, if possible, the weapon itself. You are to link up with Brinn’s spy company and get the information they have. They will let you know your next step.”

And with that the heroes were off again. They gathered their supplies and head off to meet up with their spy contact.

At the appointed place and time, in a large field on a world on the outer edges of the Gemini Sigma Star Cluster, their spy contact met them. He was a paranoid and shady fellow with a low power level. Probably just the right qualities for a good spy. He handed them a data disc and told them that they would need to find an out of work electrical engineer named Conrad Gars. He was supposed to have been picked up by a recovery team but something went wrong and the entire team wound up dead. Conrad went underground shortly afterwards. He is supposedly hiding with an old friend of his named Prescyla.

When Intrad took a look at the data disc he groaned loudly.

“Ahhh crap. This file here says that the guy you’re looking for is hiding out on Eletania-5 in Arcturus Prime. Thankfully he also gave us some corosponder codes to get us through security, but I don’t relish going to the capitol city of the Empire…”

The group was stunned. They had just learned about the capitol from Matar Lance and that Lord Frost, the second most powerful member of the Empire, was there. The group swallowed their fear and resolved to follow through with their mission.

Upon arrival to the planet the group all hid their powers and sensed power levels, except Hitode who didn’t care to do so. What Kaelden, Odin, and Zara felt was nothing short of horrifying! There was a power at the center of the city, not really all that far from where they were, that was at least 20 times the power of Zara and Kaelden!

“Uhhh, can we just go home now?” asked Odin, clearly afraid.
“No. We came here for a reason and we have a job to do.” came Zara’s curt reply.
“Well as long as I don’t have to go anywhere near that power…”

The group gathered their senses and looked for some clothes shops to get some clothes to blend in. Interestingly enough they already did kind of blend in while wearing their original clothes… But Odin, Kaelden, and Hitode wanted to look their best. They all got suits and dress clothes so that they looked well off. Most surprisingly was that their styles all suit them just right.

The group then looked at their data module and began plans to check out the locations of interest that the spy report noted for them.

What will they do next? Will they encounter any of the several strong powers they’ve sensed on this world? How and where will they even find this Conrad Gars they are looking for?

Find out next time!

Resistance Under Attack! Counter Strike Now!
Who is the Prince's contact?

The group, known as Strike Team Bold now, has been given the task to eliminate Prince Mibrate’s Empire contact and regain the stolen information. The stage has been set. All that is needed now is to go to the meeting location and complete the mission.

The meeting place was set up on the remote world of Juntau in the Cacus System. After three days of space travel, the heroes were ready for some real action. They decided to play it safe though and had Intrad drop them off some ways from the meeting place. They decided to simply fly to the spot but kept their powers around 5,000 in order to not raise suspicion.

The group arrived at a large clearing. They cautiously entered the field on foot and looked for the contact. They didn’t find a single person, but instead found some large metallic disc pad near the center of the field. As they approached, the metallic disc flickered to life and an image appeared.

The image of a Nomed in Empire garb and wearing significant rank on his shoulders appeared. His voice was dark and churning as he spoke…
“Ahhh, not the prince afterall. No matter, we were going to kill him anyways. If he cracked so easily for us then he was likely to do the same when his betrayal was discovered. Goodbye, whoever you are.”

Just as the image cut out Zara noticed a light coming from above. Some sort of energy blast was careening at the group!

“Look out!” was all Zara could yell before the blasts exploded all around them. Luckily they all had deflections prepared and were able to repel the energy, but this was an enormous amount of power! If they had been hit they would have been vaporized for sure! Odin was panting on the ground, sweat beading on his brow some 50 meters away. He had taken the brunt of two of the blasts and nearly died from a third.

After gathering themselves up they called Intrad to pick them up. He was already on the communicator, “You guys OK? I just saw some crazy fireworks!” He explained later that a capitol ship called the Nepheron had come out of nowhere and fired it’s plasma cannons at their location. Intrad stayed hidden since there was no way that he could do anything against that ship.

The group returned to the Resistance base empty handed except for the dire knowledge that Admiral Nerator was the Prince’s contact. This did not bode well at all. But in the week that the group was gone Tagmatar Zeon decided that now was the time to strike at the Supay Shipyards in the Matano System. If successful, this attack would seriously hinder the Empire’s ability to replenish the loses of their ships.

Strike team bold was given the difficult task of ensuring that no reinforcements came to the aid of the shipyards from the Empire outpost on the nearby planet Sesmose. The Resistance fleet mounted up and left for battle.

Once at the destination, Strike Team Bold needed to take out the reinforcements just prior to the attack. They decided that an air drop would be best for this in order to get the drop on the enemy. Their target was to specifically take out the communications relay, the command center, and the docking area.

Once out of the ship they saw several structures below. They didn’t know which was which, so they just had to make educated guesses.

“There! Those have antenna and dishes on them. That must be it!” cried Zara. Odin, Hitode, and Kaelden wasted no time in sending deadly energy blasts raining down. They attacked with precision. Within moments the base was a smoking ruin. But out of the rubble came several strong fighters!

8 elite guardsmen and a commanding officer wearing some sort of metal exoskeleton frame flew out of the rubble. The battle became heated very quickly. Kaelden annihilated two of them quickly while Zara threw blasts to whittle away their foes. Hitode took the brunt of two attackers rage. Luckily their blows were too weak to injure him and he had a significant deflection up. He laughed at them as they proved useless against his defenses.

Odin struck sound blows against the attackers on Hitode and worked to take some of the heat off his Namekkian friend. Soon the battle was tipping significantly in favor of our heroes! As some attackers were injured and noticed the battle was lost they tried to flee. But Zara wasn’t going to allow that! Shoo-KOWBOOOM! Zara used what he had previously learned about intercepting blasts to annihilate any enemy who fled. Meanwhile Kaelden had made short work of the commanding officer whose strange suit had proved very dangerous.

That action of course put Kaelden at the top of the “to do” list. Even with multiple images helping him out Kaelden couldn’t hold up to the onslaught that the elite guards brought upon him. Kaelden was down and unconscious. But Hitode, Odin, and Zara were still in the fight and mopped up the rest of the Empire scum with little difficulty.

In under a minute the base was destroyed and all opposition was wiped out. The attack was a success. But what will this yield for the Resistance? What will the Empire’s reaction be? And what will they do about Admiral Nerator and his feared ship the Nepheron?!

Find out next time!

Free the Phaelans! Pt. 2

The valiant heroes had just been given a startling possibility – they have been duped this whole time into serving an evil resistance! Was this the truth? Was the Empire really just trying to do good in the galaxy?

They were given a day to ask around for themselves and that’s what they were going to do. The capital of Phael was a nice place. It had a calm about it and the people were very pleasant and accommodating…especially after they mentioned they are asking around on behalf of the Empire. Zara questioned a local tailor who was very friendly and even gave him a free suit of fine clothes for free. A little odd perhaps, but maybe that’s just the hospitality on this planet?

Odin and Hitode questioned a deli owner. He was pleasant at first, but evasive after some questioning. He shouted at them sternly that he was loyal to the Empire and that was all there was to it. He then asked them to leave and went into his back room.

“We need to find some more regular people” they all thought. So Zara and Kaelden went to a local bar called “The Shaky Limb.” The bartender was friendly with them and showed them what he had. He even showed them over to a special smoking section. Zara got a whiff of some distinctive herbs that he hasn’t smelled in a very long time which made him immediately giddy. After purchasing some of this herb and talking about the Empire on Phael with the bartender the group got the overall sense that the people were afraid of the Empire. They also noticed that there weren’t very many people in the capital for how big it is. Very suspicious.

They stopped in at a sandwich shop and questioned him. Zara was at first treated very normal and kindly, probably given his Phaelan garb and appearance. But after saying he was with the others – who had already said they were with the Empire and wanted sandwiches – he was treated differently again. The man started to stutter a bit and sweat started to appear on his brow.

It seemed that the mere mention of the Empire or being with the Empire evoked some fear into the people but no one would give them a straight answer. So Zara used his mind control powers to make the man tell the truth. That’s when they found out that the Empire was abducting any troublemakers and taking them to an unknown location. People would disappear if they spoke out against the Empire or caused any trouble. They weren’t even allowed to talk about the way things were before the Empire came.

This was appalling! Our heroes couldn’t just stand by idly and see this continue. The Empire must be cleared from this planet. Out on the street they powered up to prepare for battle. As they powered up they felt the two Empire leaders powering up as well. Their powers were incredible as well.

The group went back to the capital building. The receptionist there told them they were expected and should go right up. As they entered the large office where they met the Empire leaders before they were greeted calmly just as before.

“So I guess you have made your decision then? That was quick. So will you join the Empire?”

First Zara spoke, “You rule by fear. I could never follow your Emperor.” Odin simply confirmed his previous choice – death to the Empire and it’s people. Hitode spoke in a bit of a rhyme, but his answer was the same.

The Captain turned to Kaeldan, “What about you? Would you join us and go against your friends?”

Kaelden spoke decisively, “No. Your reign of terror ends today.”

“A pity. The Empire could use another Saiyan.” Came the Captains’ reply.

Quickly Kaelden interjected, “Wait, is the Emperor a Saiyan?”

The Captain ignored the statement altogether, “Well then, you all have made your decision. You are free to leave here peacefully and never return.”

Zara stepped forward a bit, “You know we can’t do that…”

The Captain stood from his relaxed position, “Fine. Have it your way.”

Zara, thinking quickly about where they were, spoke up, “Not here. We wouldn’t want to destroy this office and the city, now would we?” He went over to a window and blew the window out. “Let’s take this outside the city.”

The group led the way and, once outside the city, the battle commenced. The Captain was fast as lightning and with just a few quick blows he knocked Zara out. The group was shocked and had to work quick to defend themselves. Kaelden readied himself for an all out fight with the Captain as did the others. Meanwhile the Empire First Sergeant called out, “The Namekkian is mine!” and engaged Hitode. The two giant men clashed and thunder seemed to echo from their attacks. The scariest part of it all…Hitode was taking serious punishment!

The Captain gloated over his quick work of Zara. He must have thought that the rest of the group would be as easy to defeat. Just as his guard was down Kaelden came down on his shoulder with a sharp stab! His blade struck true and the Captain was grievously injured! Kaelden seized the opportunity and capitalized on his successful strike. He launched deadly energy blasts. The first missed but left the Captain open. With one more swift gesture he vaporized the enemy Captain. It would seem his training had paid off.

Kaelden continued his assault and launched blast after blast at the other enemy. He had a powerful deflection up and repelled his attacks and continued his attack on Hitode. Hitode was having a hard time damaging this brute but was making slow headway. Finally, after gathering more energy and focusing a bit more Kaelden launched another series of blasts. Finally one made it through his deflection and struck home! The brute was finished just as the Captain was.

Odin picked himself up after having been dashed to the ground by the First Sergeant. “It it over?”

Kaelden and Hitode rushed to Zara to see if he was OK. He was alive, but unconscious. He would recover in time. The group reported to the puppet of a Prime Minister that they were free of the Empire and then left the planet. The Phaelans would owe them a debt of gratitude for all the years of their lives.

After reporting to Matar Lance about their success they were given leave to relax. But just as they were leaving Hitode overheard a report come in about a resistance base being destroyed. Their recruiting and training base on Hopeek 5 was utterly destroyed! It must have been information that the Prince had leaked that lead to this destruction.

After questioning the Prince about this new incident he confessed that he had given more information than he could recall. He wasn’t sure what else they knew. He asked that he be allowed to try and make ammends by coming up with a plan to destroy his Empire contact. He felt confident that this contact was hoarding the information to secure his further promotion and position in the Empire.

Plans have been made, the task is set, and our heroes are now set to eliminate the Empire contact! Will Strike Team Bold be successful?

Find out next time!

Free the Phaelans! Pt. 1

Our intrepid heroes have come far. They have found out who the traitor is – Prince Mibrate of the Phaelans!

It turns out that the prince was sort of blackmailed into giving up information on the resistance. His people were being brutally tortured, killed, and there were threats against his home world if he didn’t cooperate with the Empire. Believing that it was the only way to save his people, he agreed to help the Empire in exchange for his peoples’ safety.

Our group of heroes has decided that they cannot let an innocent race of people suffer under the hands of the Empire just because of the misguided actions of their prince. And so, with little debate, the group set course to the planet Phael. It was 8 days journey to get there so the group decided to do a little training on the way. In fact, they did little else and ended up keeping their pilot, JoLocho Intrad, from getting any solid sleep.

After finding a suitable place to land the party left Intrad to free the planet from the Empire’s grip! There were only two large powers which would be a problem to them and those powers were located together. One was close to Zara and Kaeldan’s strength and the other was slightly stronger than Odin and Hitode. Still, they wished to have the element of surprise and so hid their power levels and proceeded on foot.

Sprinting for 100 miles at 40 miles an hour is a difficult thing, even for our powerful heroes. Zara couldn’t keep pace any longer and, after about 70 miles, he activated flight and took off ahead of the group just 5 miles so he could rest a bit. It wasn’t long after they grouped back up that they sensed a couple powers coming towards them. Was this because of Zara? Or had they been tracking them all along?

Three Empire soldiers, approximately 4,000 power level each, flew to a halt some distance in front of the group and shouted “Halt!” This group doesn’t take kindly to Empire scum and so, in the blink of an eye Odin blasted all three with an area blast and the other group members went in for the kill. Just as Zara was gathering power to blow an enemy to dust one of the soldiers shouted…

“So, it is you. The ones we’ve heard about. Our Captain wishes to speak with you peacefully.”

Zara, with a glowing ball of energy in his palm right at an enemies’ stomach, relaxed and backed down as did the others. The soldier who was almost vaporized was visibly relieved and scared.

“All right, take us to this Captain of yours.” Replied Zara.

And so the group followed the soldiers to the capital, all the way to an elegant building in a beautiful courtyard. They ascended an elevator to a large room where three other people were. Two Empire members – the two of high power that they sensed – and a Phaelan sitting behind a desk.

The Captain was standing at the window with his back turned when they entered. Cool, calm, collected…this man exuded intelligence and not a bit of fear. When he turned he had black hair, light skin, and golden wolf eyes. His companion stood with his arms across his chest. And a giant chest it was. This man was massive – easily 6’8" with a very broad chest. His muscular strength was apparent as he rivaled Hitode in sheer size. He had short brown hair, light skin with a slight olive tone, and bone protrusions on his head in a crown pattern.

The Captain spoke, “I’m so glad you could come. Do not worry, I only wish to talk.” His voice was fair and lilting. His calm and grace rolling off his words easily. He questioned their presence and their reason for attacking the Empire outposts on Bellan. After some curt answers from the group he switched gears. And what he said next totally shocked the group. He asked if they would join the Empire!

He told them how the Empire was truly just trying to bring peace to the Galaxy. About how they sought to improve trade and commerce, share technology, and eradicate crime. They only killed when attacked. Sure, there were some bad apples in the Empire, but they would be dealt with harshly.

The group didn’t know what to say. Were they truly being manipulated by the resistance as this man was saying? Were they tricked all along? They were given leave to talk to the citizens and see what their attitude was about the Empire. Were the Phaelans truly being brutalized, killed, and enslaved? The group had a day to talk to the Phaelans and find out before they would be asked to leave peacefully. What will their decision be?

Find out next time!


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